June 19, 2018

HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card Free Round Trip Tickets for Two to Hong Kong

I have BDO and Metrobank credit cards that I have been using for more than a decade now. I have no intention of adding one more but HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card Free Round Trip Tickets for Two to Hong Kong Promo caught my attention at the recently concluded ToyCon 2018. Thanks to Nikkel for the thorough explanation!

I'm excited for this because the ;st time John and I went in Hong Kong was in 2001. Disneyland was still on construction at that time.

This promo is promo is running until July 31, 2018 so hurry up and check out their Promo Mechanics:

1. The HSBC Platinum Visa and Premier Mastercard Free Hong Kong Flight Credit Card Acquisition Promotion (the "Promo") shall run from February 16 to July 31, 2018 (the "Promo Period"). Promo Spend Period is from February 16 to September 30, 2018 (“Spend Period”).

2. The Promo is open to individual applicants who applied for a new primary HSBC Platinum Visa or HSBC Premier Mastercard ("HSBC Credit Card") within the Promo Period, are subsequently approved, and meet the following criteria ("Cardholder"): Must not have an existing HSBC Credit Card, Must not have a cancelled HSBC Credit Card within the past 6 months from the time of application.

3. Application must not be for an upgrade or card conversion

4. Under this Promo, the Cardholder shall be entitled to redeem two  Round Trip Economy Cathay Pacific tickets from Manila/Clark to Hong Kong (‘Welcome Gift”) upon meeting the minimum accumulated spend requirement of PHP15,000 using his/her newly approved and activated HSBC Credit Card (“Promo Spend”) during the Spend Period. Tickets from Cebu to Hong Kong will be subject to additional charges care of the Cardholder.

5. Transactions made by the Cardholder’s Supplementary Credit Cardholder/s will be qualified as part of the Primary Cardholder’s accumulated Promo Spend under this Promo. Valid transactions shall be straight purchases, merchant installment purchases, cash advance transactions, bills payment and online purchases transacted and subsequently posted during the Spend Period. Each merchant installment transaction will be considered as one transaction amount. As such, succeeding monthly amortizations from the same installment transaction will not be counted as a separate transaction amount on the Cardholder’s account. Balance Transfer, Cash Installment Plan and business transactions are disqualified from the promotion. 

Other flight conditions:
Minimum stay of 2 days and maximum stay of 7 days
Valid for Cathay Pacific/Dragonair tickets issued from April 13 to December 5, 2018 on the following flights:
MNL-HKG – CX902 / CX934
CRK – HKG – KA376
HKG-MNL – CX935 / CX905
HKG – CRK – KA375 / KA373

Valid for travel outbound: June 1, 2018 to June 5, 2019; surcharge will apply to non-“O” booking class flights

Peak Dates (subject to USD30 surcharge per way will apply for Economy Class travel):
Outbound: April 26-28, 2018 / June 7-9, 2018 / June 14-15, 2018 / August 16-18, 2018 / August 24-25, 2018 / October 31 – November 2, 2018 / November 29-30, 2018 / February 21-23, 2019 / April 5-6, 2019 / May 1, 2019

Inbound: May 1-2, 2018 / June 12, 2018 / June 17, 2018 / August 21, 2018 / August 27, 2018 / November 4-5, 2018 / December 2, 2018 / February 25, 2019 / April 9, 2019 / May 1, 2019

Black Out Dates

Outbound: December 16, 2018 – January 31, 2019 / April 15-18, 2019

Inbound: April 21-28, 2019
Child's or Infant's Fare: not applicable
Refunds: Not permitted
Rebooking: Not permitted
Reroute: Not permitted once issued
Mileage Accruable: Non-mileage for “O” booking class; 25% for “Q” booking class; 110% for “E” booking class; 125% for “I” booking class
Fare combination: Not allowed to combine with other fares
The flights detailed in the offer/promotion is valid only on “O” booking class only. Prior reservation is required.
Cardholders will pay for the fare difference if he/she chose flights on “Q,” “E,” or “I” booking classes.
All taxes, service and surcharges shall be charged to the Cardholder and must be paid using an HSBC Credit Card.
Flights from Cebu shall be charged additional fees.
The limited number of seats for the subject fare allocated to a particular flight may be fully booked although seats are still available in other fare types in the same class of travel.
HSBC will extract from its system and identify Cardholders who have reached the Promo Spend following below table on cut-off dates for extraction and the corresponding coverage of posted transactions: 

Extraction Date Spend Period
April 10, 2018 February 16 to March 31, 2018
May 3, 2018 February 16 to April 15, 2018
July 18, 2018 February 16 to June 30, 2018
September 5, 2018 February 16 to August 15, 2018
October 2, 2018 February 16 to September 30, 2018

The qualified Cardholder may expect an SMS notification containing two Claim Codes (“Codes”), each entitling the Cardholder to one Round Trip Economy ticket to Hong Kong, to be sent to his/her mobile number, as registered in HSBC's records, within 3 banking days after each extraction date. The Codes are eligible for redemption of two Round Trip Economy Cathay Pacific tickets to Hong Kong.

Redemption Period of the Welcome Gift is from April 13 to December 5, 2018. Unused Codes shall be deemed forfeited on December 6, 2018 and will no longer be valid for redemption.
Cardholders may claim the Welcome Gift during the Redemption Period by doing the following:
Visit http://bit.ly/hsbchk42 and enter the Code.

Note: Once ticket/s are issued, the Cardholder will not be able to reuse the unique code to book another flight.

After entering the Code, the Cardholder will be directed to a landing page with the booking options and terms and conditions.

Fill out the booking page with Passenger names, travel date, flight and payment details.
Cardholders must use his/her newly approved HSBC Credit Card to pay for the flight including taxes and applicable surcharges.

Passengers will receive e-tickets through e-mail.

Should passengers need further assistance they may send an e-mail to: MNL-DS@cathaypacific.com
Upon verification that the redemption is valid, HSBC will credit the following amount per redeemed Round Trip Economy ticket to Hong Kong, to the Cardholder’s HSBC Credit Card on the 15th and 30th  of each calendar month. If these fall on a holiday or non-working day, the crediting will happen on the following banking day.
USD110 or its equivalent Peso amount at the time of posting for tickets with outbound travel date on or before 15 December 2018
USD130 or its equivalent Peso amount at the time of  posting for tickets with outbound travel date on or after 01 February 2019
Upon crediting of the above amounts, Cardholder shall receive a notification SMS within three banking days. The equivalent bonus points earned by the original transaction shall likewise be clawed back by HSBC. 
Cardholders without the Codes will not be allowed to redeem. Cardholders may request for resending of previously issued and unclaimed Codes by calling HSBC’s Hotline (02)85-800.
The Welcome Gift is not convertible to cash or discount.
The Cardholder agrees not to cancel his/her Promo Spend nor his/her HSBC Credit Card within 15 months from its approval date. If the Cardholder requests for card cancellation or if the redemption is found to be invalid, the amount of PHP14,000.00 shall be charged to the Cardholder’s HSBC Credit Card account (“Cancellation Fee”). The Cancellation Fee must be duly paid by the Cardholder before the HSBC Credit Card may be cancelled by HSBC.
The Cardholder will be disqualified from the Promo in the event that his/her HSBC Credit Card becomes delinquent, restrained, suspended, cancelled or terminated within the Promo Period.
The promo cannot be availed of in conjunction with other ongoing HSBC Credit Card acquisition promos. All HSBC Credit Card applications shall be subject to HSBC’s final credit card approval and Credit Card Terms and Conditions.
All questions or disputes regarding the Cardholder's eligibility for the Promo, coverage of dates, fulfillment, etc., shall be resolved by HSBC.
All questions or disputes regarding the flights and flight schedules shall be resolved by Cathay Pacific
Terms and Conditions apply. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 1829, Series of 2018

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