June 12, 2018

Myeongdong Night Market

Going to Myeongdong Night Market shouln't be missed when you travel to South Korea because there are so many things and food you will enjoy. We've met one of the owners of Korean food products where we enjoyed talking (despite language barriers). Madami kaming nabiling seaweed from her. Marami din syang binigay na free!

I thought that one whole night of  shopping at Myeongdong is enough to satisfy our cravings for Korean food such as seaweeds, rose ice cream, and other street foods, face masks hunting, and K-fashion...but no, oh no! We went back the next night where we bumped with Juan's teachers from Aquinas school, Sir Dwayne, Sir Fernando, Mrs. Ramos. We also saw his former classmate Liam and his mom.

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