June 18, 2018


I haven't posted anything in this blog for the past two weeks because...I just don't know! I lack the energy to do things. I'm mostly lying down thinking whether to blog or not. Truth is, I may be depressed. It could be hormonal, or maybe because of the weather.

Yesterday I had to force myself up to unbox stuff sent by brands. After unboxing I decided to cook one of the gourmet meal sent by GoGourmet. As I waited for the broth to boil, I noticed that the rag I was holding matches with my  shirt. This twinning with the basahan incident made me laugh so hard and lifted my mood. Tinapos ng basahan ang two weeks of drama-moment ko, hahahaha! Sabi siguro ng basahan, di bagay sa name ko ang nagmumukmok.

"Life's too short,
enJOY no matter how shallow..."
- Rafael Mendiola Jr.

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