July 12, 2018

Calibre 45

I'm happily singing Stars on 45 as I sip a cup of Blend 45 coffee because today, July 12, I turned Calibre 45! Yes, happily and proudly saying I am now FORTY-FIVE years old!

Most people, especially women, does not like the idea of telling their age. I am not one of those most people. You see, I lost my mom when I was just 20. Mama was 43 years old then. Since then, I celebrate each day joyfully. Each year that I turn a year old I celebrate it as the most important day of my life because life as we know it, is really short.

For my birthday I wanted to post 45 things I've learned in life but I still haven't finished it. I'm still in no 25. I'll probably just do it five years from now for 5o things I've learned in life. 

Meantime, this is a shameless post as I'm attaching 45 photos I love. Birthday ko naman, pagbigyan nyo na ako.

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