July 23, 2018

CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services Review

As a young kid, I knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to work as a bank teller or flight attendant. Unfortunately, both jobs require a taller employee. I started working when I was 17 years old up to 29. In 2003, I opted to be full time mom to my twin kids. During that time we have 2 stay-in house helpers and a twice a week lady who did our laundry.

When I had my third baby, our helpers started their own families so John and I decided not to hire anymore since we couldn't find replacements at par with Millet and Mimi's caliber.

John and I are happily and proudly doing everything for our children but age is catching fast on us. Cleaning the house is becoming such a burden. Thanks to Mommy Renz for introducing CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services.

CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services is a company that helps parents like us for all our cleaning needs.

What I like about CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services:

1. They hire single parents as employees, thus giving them opportunity to rebuild themselves and care for their respective children.
2.  Their cleaning staff came on time! Marian and Denmark actually arrived 10 minutes earlier.
3.  They have a complete set of tools for cleaning. They even brought air purifier that smells so good!
4.  Professional, courteous and trustworthy cleaners.
5.  They are very good at what they do, deep cleaning at its best! I thought, I was the best in terms of cleaning the bathroom. Denmark wowed us with the spotless result at the masters bathroom.
6.  Marian scrubbed our bedroom walls well that it now look newly painted.
7. Rate is reasonable because everything they touched is thoroughly cleaned. In terms of rates/prices, they charge depending on location, date and present condition of your unit/space to be cleaned.

I am highly recommending CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services to all the stay-at-home or work-at-home parents. You deserve to rest and enjoy so let CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services professional staff clean your house or condo, or office/condo.

Address: Corinthian Executive Regency, Ortigas Ave, San Antonio, Pasig City
Phone: (02) 994 7870

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