July 30, 2018

Jollibee Funko Pop

At exactly eleven in the morning, I was already at SMX for the first day of Asia Pop Comic Con 2018. The first person I saw was Kathy Kenny Ngo of Life is Kulayful. She was already talking  non-stop about buying Jollibee Funko Pop. I just listened because I don't collect Funko Pop. My husband and kids buys buys them but not only the characters they really want.

Upon entering the door at 12nn, there was no line at all at the Jollibbe Funko Pop selling booth. I had no intention of buying so I just walked around like a lost puppy. I actually don't know what to do. Events like this is for my husband because he is a collector of so many things. John was not able to join me on the first day of APCC 2018. He was busy manning the repairs and renovation at the market and at home.

At 1:18 pm, John sent a message, "Babe, buy 4 Jollibee Funko Pop". I went back to the booth and there's a long line! I was not able to buy because I had to go back home to host Meeca's 16th birthday party.

On the second day, I had no other plan but to buy my husband this hot, collector's edition Jollibee Funko Pop! I lined up as early as 10am. I also instructed my children, nephew Dylan and nieces, Audrey and Meeca to line up.  All in all we bought 7, yes, 7 Jollibee Funko Pop! Success!

After hours inside SMX, we were all tired and hungry and decide it was time to go home. We plan to have dinner at Jollibee Jupiter branch but the kids are famish so John decided to park at Jollibee Gil Puyat. We were lucky because Jollibee and Hetty were entertaining diners. It was like an answer to Audrey's wish when we were inside SMX, Audrey said, "I wish to have a party where Jollibee will be my guest".

Audrey and her family are based in Texas. When they were vacationing in the Philippines 16 years ago, Audrey had a Jollibee Party when she was 5. She can't remember that anymore. Long story short, thanks Jollibee for making our day full of joy!

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