July 17, 2018

Out of Nowhere Kitchen

If you look up the meaning of out of nowhere, it means appearing or happening suddenly and unexpectedly. And that is exactly what happened when John and I found ourselves in Out of Nowhere Kitchen in Lanang, Davao City.

The story goes like this. We checked out at La Vida Orchard early and arrived in SM Lanang at 1pm. Since our flight is at 11pm, we had time to watch a movie. After watching, strolled SM to kill time. When we reached the supermarket and saw 911 Foods canned goods, we tried it and met Sahlee. We had a great conversation with Sahlee about so many things including about why we love President Duterte. After a long chat with her, she asked if where we have eaten in Davao. She then suggested we try Out of Nowhere Kitchen in Lanang since it is the nearest in SM among the three branches in Davao. Sahlee even called the owner to arrange seats for us to avoid lining up. Yes, it is best to reserve a seat if you plan to eat Out of Nowhere Kitchen because many people, tourists and Davao residents alike, like eating their because it is halal certified.

When we arrived at 7pm for dinner, Lovely expected us and welcomed us lovingly.  We even met their pastry chef, RJ. As we wait for the food to be served, we talked about how Out of Nowhere Kitchen came to be.

The location used to be a dormitory but the owner turned it into a restaurant because she likes food and cooking. Everything in Out of Nowhere, from food to the interior design, was conceptualized by the owner.  I found out later that the owner is not a chef but judging from the food we had, I thought she is.

Out of Nowhere Kitchen in Lanang started in October 2016. Barely 2 years and they now have other 2 branches in Davao and is opening another branch in soon. They also have plans in opening in Gen San. You know what it means when a food business is expanding, people are happy with the food.

Okay enough of me talking. Feel free to watch the video at your own risk of getting hungry. 😉😉

Address: Block 2, Lot 5, Dona Alegre Street, Angliongto, Mamay Road, Lanang, Davao City
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm
Phone: 0922 869 3602

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