July 19, 2018

Things To Do In Samal Island

Samal, now officially called the Island Garden City of Samal, is a 4th class city in the province of Davao del Norte, Philippines.

Samal is only 10 minutes away by ferry from Davao City. If you want the beach side in Davao, Samal is the place to be. With over 60 resorts or on natural beaches, boring word will not cross your mind. You can join many activities from mountain claiming to diving in colorful coral reefs. Check out our videos for Things To Do In Samal Island:

Day 1: Check in at 1pm, La Vida Orchard Bed and Breakfast, Bat Cave, Vanishing Island, General Moncada White House

Day 2: Super early breakfast at La Vida Orchard. Left La Vida at 6am. Quick Sightseeing at Blue Birdat and Sabang Cliff, Quick dip at Kaputian Beach, Snorkeling to see Taklobo, Giant Slide adventure at Maxima Aqua Fun, Quick dip at Hagimit Falls, Back at La vida at 11am. Check out at La Vida at 12nn.

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