August 31, 2018


The most popular and biggest Shopping app Lazada, recently launched the biggest "shopping mall," targeting shoppers looking and buying for all original products in the online marketplace.

LazMall will open on Sept. 9 with discounts of up to 90 percent. While virtual, it is Southeast Asia's largest mall with 70 million product listings.

According to Lazada Philippines CEO Ray Alimurung, "Items sold on LazMall are 100 percent guaranteed authentic and can be accessed from within the main Lazada app. We're not just working with any seller. The seller has to be recommended by the brand. The company that is 83-percent owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is very serious about offering only authentic products. Allegations of counterfeit are investigated immediately.  LazMall offers a longer 15-day hassle-free return policy and the next day delivery".

Official merchants include Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, JBL, Philipps, Mac, L'Oreal, 
Dove, Olay and Levi's. 

August 30, 2018

Dyson Supersonic

Some women cannot go out of the house without make-up. I'm not one of them. As a lifestyle vlogger who attend events almost every day, hair styling is one problem I need to address having a dry-heavily-hair color treated hair meant.

Earlier today at Dyson Greenbelt 5 Branch, I got to try Dyson Supersonic.

Reasons to like Dyson Supersonic:

1.  Dry and style at the same time.

2.  Help protect natural shine.

3.  The Dyson Smoothing nozzle dries hair gently using smooth, wide air. Watch it in action.

4. Airflow precisely where you need  it

5. The Dyson diffuser disperses air evenly around your curls, helping to reduce frizz and improve definition.

6.  Magnetic attachments.

7. Cool to touch. With Heat Shield technology, the surfaces of the attachments stay cool. Even during close‑up styling.

8. Four (4) precise heat settings - 100°C Fast drying and styling, 80°C Regular drying, 60°C Gentle drying and 28°C Constant cold.

9.  Three (3) precise speed settings - Fast drying, Regular drying and Styling.

10 . Easy to clean - Simply twist and release to clean the filter

Specifications:  Power is 1600 Watts;  Airflow is 41 litre per second; Weight is 659 g; Dimensions
245 x 78 x 97 mm (H x W x D); Cable length is 2.7 m; Negative ions help reduce static.

August 29, 2018

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping

John and I just got back home from a very Happy Shopee event at The Fort Shangri-La Hotel for Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping kicks off. 

After last year’s successful 9.9 event which saw a three-fold uplift in orders and a five-time increase in traffic, Shopee is upping the ante this year with a 11-day mega shopping event from 30 August to 9 September. With over 500,000 sellers, around 800 brands and more than 60 partners onboard, users can expect up to 99% off from the largest collection of deals and massive giveaways worth over ₱15 Million.

Get super savings on super themed days starting August 30, users can participate in a 11-day shopping marathon, featuring different back-to-back themed days every 24 hours in the lead up to the peak of Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day on 9 September. Users can also look forward to free shipping with lowered minimum spend every day during this period. Key highlights include Super Flash Sale Day on August 30 featuring flash deals as low as ₱99 happening nine times over the course of the day; and Super Vouchers Day on 3 September with a total of over ₱900,000 worth of vouchers to be redeemed.

On 5 September, Shopee will also be teaming up with hundreds of leading brands including giants P&G, Maybelline, Samsung, Colgate - Palmolive, Oppo, Asus, and more to launch the first-ever Super Brand Festival, comprising the largest collection of deals from major brands on Shopee Mall. Users will get first-hand access to thousands of products sold by their favourite brands across all product categories including Electronics, Mobile and Gadgets, and Health and Beauty.

Shopee Shake, the highly popular in-app game that has since clocked over 70 million plays by users across the region, is making a comeback, this time with a new group mode where users can invite others to play at the same time to earn bonus coins, and a supersized coins pool of over 9 million Shopee Coins up for grabs. On Super Shopee Shake Day and Super Shopping Day on 8 and 9 September respectively, users can play up to 18 times in 48 hours for a chance to win Shopee coins, vouchers and prizes.

In line with Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping day, Shopee will also be launching a nationwide Shopee Dance competition called Shopee Dance to Win with prizes including an Ace 50” TV and up to ₱100,000 in cash to be won. The dance is featured in Shopee’s second television commercial starring Shopee Philippines’ brand ambassador, Anne Curtis.

To qualify, users will need to post a video of themselves doing the Shopee Dance on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ShopeeDancePH. The competition will run from 31 August till the end of Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Winners will be announced on Shopee’s social media pages on 9 September.

This year’s Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day is supported by more than 60 partners, including Grab, Cebu Pacific, BPI, SM Advantage, ABS-CBN Publishing, and ABS-CBN Store. Joining Shopee in its biggest sale of the year, Grab will be giving ₱9,000 worth of Grab rides each to 99 Shopee users; while Cebu Pacific will be giving round trip tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, and Siem Reap.
 Visit from August 30 to September 9.

For more information on Shopee Dance competition, check out Shopee’s Facebook page at

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

August 28, 2018

Wanna One

Wanna One is a South Korean boy band formed by CJ E&M through the 2017 survival competition Produce 101 Season 2.

Below is the the experience my daughter Julia and I endured just to see this group perform in Manila. A mom has got to do whatever it takes to make this brainy girl happy.

August 27, 2018

August 26, 2018

Reduce Oil Splatter Mess

Frying is my number one enemy in the kitchen. I find the act tiring and messy as well. The only time I can't say no to frying is when my kids request for french fries, potato chips and fried chicken.

One of the hardest to clean is oil splatter so I've learned to make newspaper my ally in this matter. I cover neighboring areas, like burners, glass stove top, vegetable baskets and the  floor! I even use the same newspaper to wipe the stove after frying.

August 25, 2018

Eggplant Parmigiana

I love Eggplant Parmigiana! My favorite is from Sbarros. Like in most things, I don't  plan on what to cook. I just play on the ingredients  I can see in the kitchen.

Today, in the basket are 6 pieces of long eggplants, onions, garlic and 1 piece tomato. In the cupboard, canned chopped tomatoes and basil. In the ref, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

And this is what I cooked, more like baked, today, Eggplant Parmigiana...

August 24, 2018

Homemade Compost

In 2016, my husband was diagsnose with cardiomyopathy. Since then I have been faithfully juicing different kinds of fruits and vegetables.  After juicing I'd go to my mini garden and compost all that is left of those veggies and fruits. 

Prior to composting, I've accepted the fact long before that I do not have green thumb. Almost all the plants I bought would die as soon as I get hold of it. I stopped buying plants. One day, different kinds of fruits and veggies like tomatoes, melon, and mango, magically appeared in my garden!

I'm happy to announce that the key to growing plants is not about having green thumb. The secret is having a healthy-fertilized soil by making homemade compost. 

Composting is the process by which organic material is decomposed in order to provide nutrients and fuel to enrich soil. Food waste decomposing is actually very helpful to the environment because the process is essential for it reduces the amount of food you throw in the trash. Homemade compost will fertilize your soil and help with any gardening you do, just like mine!

Take note that meat, dairy or oils cannot be compost this way. You can use fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, eggshells, nutshells and tea bags. You can add the food scraps to cardboard, newspaper, vegetation and other organic materials in your compost pile. Mix it in with soil and dirt so the food can be broken down.

Turn the pile with a garden fork  before addig a new materialto let fresh oxygen in to help with the composting process. 

August 23, 2018

Ace Water Spa Buffet

John and I are not fans of buffet but we had no choice but try Ace Water Spa Buffet because it is part of the VIP Card we bought.

What can we say? Masarap. Sulit ito para sa mga malalakas kumain. 

ACE Hotel and Suites / ACE Water Spa
(02) 628.1888 (Pasig Branch)
(02) 367.8040 (QC Branch)

August 22, 2018

Waste Management

Waste management or waste disposal is a serious activity that must start from home. If we do not do our share in keeping the environment clean we live in will be a big pool of trash in the future. Well, it's actually happening now, every time it rains.

This is how I manage waste, milk and juice packs at home. 

August 21, 2018

The Freelancer Fair 2018

Manila Workshops, with the support of the Department of Information Communications and Technology (DICT) and Digital Career Advocates of the Philippines (DCAP), will be holding the 3rd Freelancer Fair on August 25,2018 starting at 9am, to be held at the Metrotent, Metrowalk commercial complex, Meralco Ave. Ortigas, Pasig City. 

The theme for this year’s full-day event is UP YOUR GAME.  As its the third year of the Freelancer Fair, we believe the Filipino freelancers are prepared to elevate their skills and be ready to compete in a global scale.  "Visibility creates opportunity. The day you accept this and take action will be the day EVERYTHING changes for you." -Nix Eniego, Social Media Academy  We challenge you to come to the event and expose your brand.  Position yourself with positive, amazing people who have raised their game to the highest potential. Want to know how to get on your A-game, then purchase your ticket now.   

Helping Freelancers Up Their Game  What exactly does it mean to be a freelancer? What does an aspiring freelancer do? Is it for me? How would you scale and brand your business?  These questions are major roadblocks for many who want to become a freelancer.  

"My #1 tip for freelancers is to NETWORK!" -Marvin de Leon.  We strive to build a community of support and networking who can guide you through your road to becoming a freelancer.  Well, you're in luck! The Freelancer Fair is here to give you tips of the trade to make sure you UP YOUR GAME this 2018. Who knows you can meet your future business partner or long-term friend here too.   

The Freelancer Fair is here to shorten the learning curve of becoming a freelancer and ultimately give you the guide to achieve FREEDOM as a freelancer. Freelancers have the flexibility of creating their own schedule, removing the boring '9-5' corporate job, and increasing potential to become a top earner in your field.  Freelancers are their own boss, which can be a pro or a huge con.  You have a major responsibility to yourself to always grow your brand.   

The topics to be covered this year ● The evolution of a freelancer: From Newbie to top earner ● Maximizing online tools for freelancing, ie Social Media ● Design excellence ● Achieving success and happiness in freelancing ● Time management  ● How to manage and juggle time on a being a mom, a wife, and a freelancer  

For tickets, visit  Don't forget if you bring a friend or group you will receive a deep discount. Online tickets will be available until Thursday. Walk-in attendees will be accepted (only regular ticket rates will be available for purchase).  There will be a play area for entertainment for the kids sponsored by Kara Mia.  organizations who want to support the Philippines’ freelancing industry.      

August 20, 2018


There's no denying that I gained so much weight from last years travel, food feature and review. With that said, right now I'm into food that will help me lose those  stubborn 7 lbs!

According to research, eggplant is one of the food that is great to help one lose weight because it is a low-carb, nutrient-dense, calorie-poor food. One cup of eggplant contains only eight grams of carbohydrates, two of those coming from fiber. It is known as a vegetable but botanically speaking it is a fruit. Eggplant is native to India but is now grown in many parts of the world. Being a good source of number vitamins,minerals, antioxidants, dietary fibers and other compounds, they are very beneficial for us and provides a lot of health and beauty benefits. However, there are also some side effects of eating too many eggplants and in this article, we will know about these side effects in detail.

At dahil mahilig naman ako sa talong, I am happily incorporating it in my daily diet. At dahil sobrang saya ko, I crazily made this eggplant joke with the special participation of my Kumareng Riza.

Let's face it, not everyone can eat talong. There something called eggplant allergy, and its symptoms are hives, itchy or tingly lips, tongue, or throat, coughing, stomach pain or cramping, vomiting and diarrhea. Other studies say eggplant can stimulate menstruation that's why pregnant women are advised  not to consume it on a regular basis because it may lead to abortion.  

August 19, 2018

Proud Parents of Batang MandSci

Riz and I have been friends since our respective daughters became friends in Dominican College. Lorie and I met more than 10 years in parenting events. Then we met again 3 years ago when her daughter and my twin kids enrolled in City of Mandaluyong Science High School. Obviously, we three have a common denominator  we're all Proud Parents of Batang MandSci.

Sometimes the best reunions are those unplanned.

August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015

August 18, 2018

Discovery Kids Officially Launched Today in the Phillippines

Discovery Kids Officially Launched Today in the Phillippines at The Manila Private House Club. This mobile subscription service for kid is in partnership with Smart and PLDT. 

Sighted at the event are mom celebrities, namely Denise Laurel with her son, and Sherilyn Reyes with her daughter. Dr. Vicky Belo, Hayden Kho and Scarlet Snow Belo.

Discovery Kids is a mobile subscription service, designed especially for kids and promises an enriching watch-play-learn experience. The service features favorite characters that kids already know and love, such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Transformer Rescue Bots, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Insectibles, Oddbods, and Angry Birds Toons. Games like Wild Kratts: Monkey Mayhem, Nature Cat: Park Builder; and Peg + Cat: Chicken Blast Off. Original games Terra Formers, Ultimate Animal Races, and Rocket Escape. Digital books such as Scaredy Squirrel and Goodnight Gorilla. Shows from Discovery’s content library such as Cupcake Wars: Kids, Meet the Penguins, How Do They Do It: Kids Edition and Guess What They’re Making!

Kids can jump seamlessly between watching and playing in a safe environment that kids will love and parents can trust.

Discovery Kids combines the best of science, nature and the wonders of the real world with beloved characters and unforgettable entertainment. The app’s user interface and experience are designed and optimized for kids, With Intuitive kid-first navigation that makes it easy for kids to use while having fun exploring and learning.

Under the partnership, PLDT Home will soon unveil a limited edition Telpad custom-built for Discovery Kids with a monthly subscription included. Additionally, Smart customers will be able to conveniendy charge their Discovery Kids app subscn‘ption worth P129 per month to their prepaid load or postpaid bill. Smart will also dish out exclusive offers to customers soon, including special subscn’ption rates and freebies to enjoy the Discovery Kids app on their mobile devices. The Discovery Kids app is available for download now and offers a free 30-day trial with a subscription rate of P129 per month after the trial period.

The app is a core part of Discovery’s strategy of evolving from one of the global leaders in television to a digital content company, with an evolving suite of multi-screen products such as Eurosport Player and Motor Trend, for super fans and passionate enthusiast communities.

August 17, 2018

Globe myBusiness BazaArtista

Globe myBusiness, in partnership with Summit Media's Phil. Entertainment Portal (PEP), gathered celebrity entrepreneurs for Star Bazaar or BazaArtista today from 10am to 10pm at SM Megamall . 

It was fun to meet celebrities like Candy Pangilinan, Janice de Belen, Almira Mulach and RR Enriquez, and buy some of their products.

For more detail on how to start your business,

August 16, 2018

Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Liquid Matte Lippie

Being remembered on my birthday is such a joyful event. It's been over a month now but last week I received a gift from Mela Sison-Laxamana. Mela is the lovely and fashionable Marketing Manager of The Raintree Restaurants.

The pack contains Happy Skin Nail Polish and Shut Up and Kiss Me Lippie. I don't actually buy make-up, I rely on my siblings presents on Christmas time. Since I haven't seen my sibs for almost a year now and my last lipstick just went off, Mela's gift is very much appreciated.

What to I like about Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Liquid Matte Lippie:

1. It delivers a pigmented pout with an ultra-matte finish, giving me that confidence of having an Angelina Jolie lips (winking my chicky eyes!)
2. It glides on with high impact and color that suit my skin tone.
3. It is long-wearing and stays in place.
4. It is mpressively hydrating.
5. My husband and kids like it because the color isn't loud. 

What to  not to like about Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Liquid Matte Lippie:

None. I loveeet because it's gift given by one of the sweetest and genuinely nice person I know. 

August 15, 2018

Allianz PNB Life

I'm quite familiar with insurance, whether life or investments, because I have several accounts with different companies.

Though Allianz PNB Life is among the major life insurers in the Philippines, which began its operations in 2001, it is actually my first time to learn about Allianz PNB Life, thru Adae of Adae To Remember invite, that happened today at Rockwell Glasshouse.

The event was lively despite an early morning call time because the host, Janeena Chan,  was super fun! The insights I gained, both in business and life as a whole, from the guests (Couple Mark and Precious Martin, Kevin Lapena, Rob Afzelius, and Erica Wong) were helpful and informative.

They are a leading provider of Variable Life products, complemented by a full line of Life protection offerings for individuals and institutions. All their products and services are designed to meet the lifetime financial planning, wealth accumulation, and well-being aspirations of every Filipino Family.

Allianz PNB Life’s main headquarters is in Makati City, the country’s main business district, with eleven business centres strategically located in key cities across the archipelago. It has the support of over 150 employees and 400 financial advisors to serve our dear policyholders and deliver great customer service experiences.

The exclusive distribution partnership between Allianz and the Philippine National Bank with the bank’s over 600 nationwide branch network provides immense bancassurance opportunities to reach a broader base of Filipino Families whenever, wherever.

The Allianz Group is a global financial services provider with services predominantly in the insurance and asset management business. 85 million retail and corporate clients in more than 70 countries rely on our knowledge, global presence, financial strength and solidity. In fiscal year 2015 over 142,000 employees worldwide achieved total revenues of 125.2 billion euros and an operating profit of 10.7 billion euros. Allianz SE, the parent company, is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

The Philippine National Bank celebrated its centennial in the Philippine banking industry in 2016. As the country’s 4th largest private commercial bank, PNB has always been the bank that customers can lean on. It offers a heritage and unique brand of Filipino service, backed by a century of stability and excellence. PNB looks forward to yet another hundred years of serving You First.

The Allianz Group is a global financial services provider with services predominantly in the insurance and asset management business that has 125-years history. Allianz has transformed the global financial community with cutting-edge insurance solutions and a commitment to superior customer experience.

For this event, the speakers focused on Allianz Azpire.  Allianz Azpire is ALLIANZ PNB Life product designed for millennials to cater towards the needs of younger generations.

PNB Chief Finance Officer Efren C. Caringal, stated, “We’re making sure we have exciting propositions for millennials so it is attuned to their needs. When we design our products, we really talk to them. We do focus group discussions. We make sure that we’re developing products that are suitable for their needs. What we’ve done in this variant of unit-linked [insurance] is we made the premium charges really low so that you can accumulate funds faster. Coverage can be as low as P30,000 a year as clients can choose to pay premiums annually, semi-annually, quarterly and monthly. As premiums go higher, charges and fees will be reduced for clients to get more of their investment. Loyalty bonuses will be given at the end of 10 and 20 years.  The insurance product was mainly designed for millennials as they are becoming increasingly inclined to save and invest for the future. We’re positioning it for millennials because we’ve learned that they actually have the desire to save and invest so we’re giving them the platform to do it. Aside from this, Allianz PNB is making its customer experience better for millennials. We’re making sure that they get the best customer experience because we know millennials are a bit impatient. They demand only the best,” said 

If you're a millennial or know one, who has an entrepreneurial spirit,
you or they may join Allianz Start - The Search for Young Entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Allianz PNB Life at 

August 14, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Launch

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was officially launched in the Philippines at the  Grand Ball Room of the Marriott Hotel, along with its brand ambassadors, namely, Heart Evangelista-Escudero, Nico Bolzico, and Erwan Heusaff.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a powerful device that features cutting-edge technology people are accustomed to from this Korean product. It has longer battery life, 24 hours, is great for people on the go like me! The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also features a new Bluetooth S Pen that can be used not only for drawing and scribbling on the phone but also as a clicker that can be used as remote control in creating great selfies or groufies. It is powered by a 10-nanometer Application processor a tiny but powerful chipset. It also pioneers the standard 128GB base capacity, it is also available in a limited 512GB variant allowing the maximum storage of 1TB the biggest storage in any phone.

August 13, 2018

UAAP Season 81 ‘The Last One Standing’

Rally for your favorite UAAP basketball star players as host school National University gears up for the first ever Season 81 pre-event The Last One Standing: 1-on-1 Hoop Challenge, happening on August 17 at the Mall of Asia. 

“We are thrilled to give our fans a jumpstart of the upcoming UAAP Season 81 as we showcase the players’ individual skills at the first ever 1-on-1 hoop challenge,” said Nilo Ocampo, President of the Board of Managing Directors of UAAP.  

The one-day basketball tournament will pit players of participating UAAP teams against each other on a 1-on-1 basketball challenge. Aside from the tournament, there will also be a Slam Dunk Contest, a 3-point shootout and a Skills Challenge. All competitions will have a men’s and women’s division, except for the Slam Dunk Contest which is for men only. With 8 participants per division split into two groups, the tournament will have a single round robin format with the top two players of each group advancing to the semi-finals. The last two players standing will play in the finals. Winners will get up to Php 20,000 worth of products and gift certificates from SM Supermalls! 

Don’t miss out on other fun activities this season! Show off school spirit at the UAAP Season 81 opening at the MOA Arena with special performances from James Reid, Spongecola, and surprise foreign artists! 

For updates on UAAP Season 81 tickets, visit

August 12, 2018

A Day in Dasmarinas, Cavite with Friends

My mother was already sick when I was in fourth year high school with kidney problem so my college education was supposed to be on hold. Mama did not want that to happen so I enrolled in Far Eastern University under Biology course. I stopped after one semester because I was not happy with things happening, especially with Mama being so sick.

The next year I enrolled in UP Diliman Open University under Computer Programming. After one sem, I stopped because I can't grasp anything about the subjectscomputers - control, alt, this and that, etcetera etcetera. That was the time when computers were just introduced in the Philippines.

College life was a roller coaster ride for me. I didn't know what I want so I just decided not to study anymore. I chose to work instead. I was already working in Shakaeys when Mama told me to enroll again. I remember that day when we hopped from Phil. Normal University, Sta Isabel College, Emilio Aguinaldo College, Phil. Christian University  and Phil. Women's University.  

Honestly speaking I didn't know anything about Phil. Christian University back then. I'm familiar with all the schools mentioned above, except PCU but immediately felt at home with the blue and white color of the school. Following Mama's wish of me finishing college, I enrolled in PCU and vowed to finish AB Psychology.  

In PCU I was an international student, not literally speaking though. International students in PCU would mean, working students with very tight schedule so we were given priority to enroll in subjects that will fit our work schedules. It is for this reason that I have many group of friends ranging from younger than me, to older than me and my same age bracket.

The same age bracket friends is where Jonie, Russel and Robert belongs.  We all spent our Clinical OJT at Elsie Gaches Village in Alabang and we all graduated in 1996.

After graduation, the four of us get to see each other at once every two years until work and family responsibilities hindered us from doing so. The last time the four us met was five years ago at Shangri-La Plaza.

Last May this year, Russel messaged Jonie and I, Robert just passed away. It was a sad day losing a very kind and soft-spoken friend but I was in Seoul, Korea at that time so I was not able to join Russel, Jonie and Robert's family during the wake. 

On August 6 I received an SOS FB message from Russel. He said we badly needed to meet for Jonie. After 5 days, even if it was raining cats and dogs, I traveled to spend a day in Dasmarinas, Cavite with friends.

I'm happy to see Jonie and Russel again last August 11. Incidentally the next day, August 12, is Russel and Robert's birthday. I'm sure Robert's smiling down on us from heaven as we sang a birthday song for him and Russel.

In memory of our dear friend, Robert Bacuetes Yap...

"If you lose a friend to death, recognize that you are grieving the loss of a person near and dear to you, and give yourself the space and time to do so. Connect with others who share your loss, if this helps you, and take time for yourself to do those things that bring you comfort."
- Psychology Today

August 11, 2018

Saboten Express

My husband and three kids love all those Japanese deep fried goodies, such as . I love my family and I love to cook for John, Julia, Rafael and Juan but I'm really not into frying because I find the act too frightening. 

Whenever they want to eat katsu and karaage my solution is to go to a Japanese Restaurant but let's face it, it takes awhile if you dine in at Japanese restos so I welcome this idea by Raintree to open an express version of Saboten in SM Megamall.

Living up to its name, Saboten Express, delivers tender and authentic taste of Katsu from Japan at a reasonable price! My most favorite among the wide variety of menu, Tonkatsu Chicken Curry.

Saboten Express
5th Level TheFashion Hall,  SM Megamall,
422 Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Mandaluyong City

August 10, 2018

August 8, 2018

What To Do In Singapore

Singapore isn't only the most expensive city in Southeast Asia – it's the most expensive city in the world, topping the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2016 Worldwide Cost of Living survey for the third year in a row. That said, if you're planning to visit Singapore, you might want to check out the places we've visited last year:

August 7, 2018

SeaOil Lifetime Free Gas Promo

SEAOIL Philippines, Inc., the country’s largest independent fuel player is celebrating their 40th year anniversary this year. In line with this, they're giving away lifetime supplies of fuel through the “Lifetime Free Gas, Oh My Gas!” promo.

This promo is the only one of its kind in the world. The mechanics is simple:

1. Gas up from at least P500 worth of Extreme 97, Extreme 95, Extreme U, Extreme Diesel fuels and/or SEAOIL Lubricants at any SEAOIL nationwide.

2. To double chances of winning, register at

Prizes to be won:
1. Lifetime supply of free gas for four (4) lucky motorists
2. Over 100,000 instant prizes through peel-off cards.
3. Ten thousand (P10,000) worth of SEAOIL gift cards to be raffled off to thirty (30) lucky motorists.

This promo is running from  August 18 to November 18, 2018,

August 6, 2018

What To Do in Davao City in One Day

The Province of Davao is a province of the Philippines in the island of Mindanao. It was divided into three provinces of Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, and Davao del Sur on May 20, 1967, with the passage of Philippine Republic Act No. 4867.

It has long been my plan to see Davao because I like that they don't use firecrackers to celebrate festivities. I'm also intrigued whether the people of  of Davao are really, are truly following rules in this place where our dear President Rodrigo Duterte resides.

I booked a round trip ticket for two at the travel fair last February. I paid almost 7,000 including check-in baggage going to Davao and for our return to Manila. I'm not sure if I was able to save from the travel fair. I heard that some were able to book at less than a thousand pesos for the same trip.

From the airport, you can easily ride a cab or Grab to downtown Davao. Below is our itinerary and budget for two pax for an overnight stay. If you're planning to do a one day DIY trip in Davao City, you may check my vlog. We went to see 911, ate at Yellow Fin, house of President Duterte, Durian Factory, Japanese Tunnel, Crocodile Farm and Jack's Ridge.

We were kind of disappointed when we went to Durian factory. We thought we can see the actual processing of durian but in fact it was just a pasalubong center. You can skip this part to save time and money.

Day 1: Total P4,351
Airport taxi fare to Domicillo Lorenzo P275
Domicillo Lorenzo, Overnight Stay P1760
Yellow Fin lunch - P518
Taxi fare Yellow Fin to Pres Duterte's House - P79
Pres Duterte House to Lola Abons Jeep Ride - P16
Lola Abon' s Candy Factory, Pasalubongs - P550
Taxi fare Lola Abons to Japanese Tunnel - P62
Japanese Tunnel Entrance P50/head - P100
Taxi Japanese Tunnel to Crocodile Farm - P176
Crocodile Ice Cream - P95
Chocomilk - P45
Hot ChocoMilk -  P45
Taxi fare Crocodile Farm to Jack's Ridge - P180
Carlos Exotic Coffee and Cake -  P450

August 5, 2018

Nilaga Sprinkled with Fried Garlic

I am a sucker (ooops, pardon word) for garlic! Any food with garlic tastes so good for me! And so this is how I like nilagang buto-buto served - sprinkled with lots of fried garlic and chili sauce on the side. Thanks Adae's Krispi Garlik and Chili Garlik, mapapasarap na naman ang kain ko! Para sa mga nagbabawas ng timbang, iwasan na ang rice. Sapat na ang patatas to fill your rumbling tummy.

To order Krispi Garlik and Chili Garlik
contact Adae at

August 4, 2018

Nanka Japanese Latin Restaurant

Mother Ignacia is a place I don't normally go to but after tasting Nanka Japanese Latin Restaurant's 11 Bestseller Menu today, I'm definitely going to visit  the place regularly! 

What we had at Nanka are the following, Shitake Pasta with Parmesan, Salmon Sashimi, Sashimi Peruano, Tuna Sashimi, Mixed Inari, Pollo Ala Brasa, Smokey Grilled Tenderloin, Steak Fried Rice, Crispy Eggplant, Tofu, Melon Shake and Miso Custard for dessert.

All the 11 food served were delicious and a must try! I particularly liked their Crispy Eggplant because I like eggplant and kani a lot!  

If you love sushi, you must try Mixed Inari. It is a marinated tofu with sushi rice with three different toppings, namely, salmon, tuna and shrimp. It is also topped with black masago/roe.

The 3 kinds of sashimi, tuna, salmon and peruano is a different take from the usual sashimi from other Japanese restos. At Nanka, sashimi is a one-stop-shop thing because the sauce or dressing is incorporated on the plate already. All you have to do is use those chopsticks and chow!

As practiced, I don't say or write much on this blog, just go ahead and watch the video I made... Happy watching!

Nanka Japanese Latin Restaurant
1810 Mother Ignacia corner Roces Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City
Phone Numbers 02 5179677 or +63 9776218472

August 3, 2018

Meeca's 16th Birthday

Celebrating Sweet 16 birthday isn't as big as the 18th birthday here in the Philippines; but because most of our relatives live in the US of A, turning 16 in our family requires a fun party after all. 

We recently celebrated  Meeca's 16th Birthday with a Unicorn theme at Tivoli Garden Entertainment Room.  It was really fun because the teens, Meeca's friends and classmates had the billiards room all for themselves, while we, adults and younger relatives enjoyed singing at the videoke room.

This celebration was made even more fun because Ate Peth, Kuya PJ, Audrey and Dylan, came all the way from Texas, to celebrate with Meeca and all of us.

The best part of having this kind of party is it's worry and hassle free since the food and room arrangement was catered by CaiYenne. All we needed to do was to go there, sing, eat, and have fun!

August 2, 2018

15 Things to Remember Before Adopting a Puppy

We lost our beloved Dengue Mendiola last month due to kidney failure. She gave us unconditional love for 11 years (human years). Two weeks after Dengue passed away, my sister-in-law surprised us with a puppy. Julia named her Hepa Mendiola.

For days, Hepa was our source of joy as she played with us, especially with Juan and Rafael. Until one day, she stopped drinking her milk and started vomiting.

Juan and Ate Jo, brought Hepa to the veterinarian. The vet said it's the worm that causing her lose bowel movement and vomiting. Hepa was given oral medicines. For three days, we managed to administer an hourly meds for Hepa. Sadly, she passed away on the morning of July 31st.

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Puppy

1.  Ask the exact birth date of the puppy so you're aware whether the pup is big enough to be separated from the mother dog
2.   Ask the owner if the pup has been dewormed.
3.   If there's no way to find out about the age of the puppy and if it dewormed. or not, bring the puppy to the veterinarian.
4.  It’s important to consider whether you have enough time, space, and money to add a new member to your family because caring for an animal is a big commitment. 
5.  If you don't want your pup to have puppies in the future, it’s so important to get your dog spayed or neutered.
6. Dogs need their teeth brushed.
7. Don’t forget to cut your pup's nails and fur.
8. Dogs don’t really need baths very often. It’s only necessary if they have a skin condition or if they roll in something smelly or dirty.
9. Keep an eye on what your dog eats. Human foods such as raisins, onions, chocolates and more are harmful for dogs. 
10. Dogs need toys to be entertained. Keep your important stuff like shoes away from a puppy because they might find it cute to chew on.
11. Never, ever leave your dog in the car.
12. Dogs need exercise and bathroom training 
13. Prevent heart worms, fleas and ticks by giving them the necessary medicines prescribed by the vet.
14. Never leave you pup alone in the house for a long period of time. If you will go on vacation, ask a friend or a relative to take care of your puppy.
15. Shower your pup plenty of love and affection and she or he will love you unconditionally.

August 1, 2018

Original Belgian Fries

Flanders Agricultural Marketing Board (VLAM) will be bringing together five major Belgian fries exporters to exhibit as a group at WOFEX Manila 2018 slated from August 1 to 4. The five companies, Agristo, Bart’s Potato Company, Clarebout Potatoes, Ecofrost and Mydibel, will be participating at this trade show under the “Belgian Fries” banner to widen their networks, increase their share in the Philippines’ growing market for processed potato products, and heighten awareness of Belgian fries in the Philippines and the region. This is the first time that the delicious Belgian fries are being presented in the Philippines at such a scale.  

These five companies represent the five biggest family-owned businesses in the industry in Belgium offering a wide range of potato products and specialties that are exported to over 100 countries worldwide. The companies are all halal-certified. Their participation in WOFEX Manila is part of a five-nation promotion campaign in Southeast Asia, coordinated by VLAM and Belgapom, the association for the Belgian potato trade and processing industry.

“Hot on the heels of exhibiting in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam, we are pleased to bring Belgian fries to the Philippines this time around, as part of our plan to increase our presence in the Southeast Asian region. There is an existing market in this region for our products, but we see an even bigger opportunity to expand exports and heighten appreciation for our national delicacy. Southeast Asia is one of the largest fast-growing regions of the world, with a rising middle class, rapid urbanisation and an overall young population. These trends, together with Belgium’s high food standards and innovation, will continue to drive demand in the region and beyond, and our industry is ready to reply to this in an original way, since our Belgian fries are truly different from those from other countries,” said   Mr. Romain Cools from Belgapom. 

“The Philippines is well-known as a food-lover’s paradise, and Philippine consumers really know and love good food. Belgian fries are still relatively unknown in the Philippines, so we are excited about this opportunity to share one of Belgium’s most beloved national dishes with the Philippines. Golden yellow and crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, Belgian fries, or frites, as we call them, are a true Belgian delicacy that is delicious either as a side served with steak, or as an appetizing snack with a mayonnaise-based sauce!”

Belgium is the largest exporter of frozen fries in the world, with 90% of its production freighted to the global market. In 2016, Belgian fries exports rose 14.3% to 1.68 million tonnes in 2016 from a year earlier, with an increasing share going to countries outside EU. 

Belgian fries have a long history and have become part of the country’s heritage, with many shops and stands in Belgium serving this delicious savory snack. In fact, the ubiquitous Belgian fry shops that can be found in every city or village have been recognised as part of the cultural landscape in Belgium, with UNESCO status being sought for the dish since 2014.

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About VLAM

VLAM (Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board) is a non-profit organisation promoting the sale, the added value, the consumption and the image of products and services of the Flemish agriculture, horticulture, fishery and agro-alimentary sector in Belgium and abroad.  (
About Belgapom

Belgapom is the recognised association for the Belgian potato trade and processing industry. Its task is to defend the interest of the Belgian seed and consumption potato merchants, the prepackers, the exporters, the potato peeling industry and the potato processing industry.  (

About Flanders Investment & Trade

Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) promotes international enterprise in Flanders in a sustainable way as a key factor in the social and economic development of our region. FIT does so by supporting the international activities of Flemish companies and by attracting foreign investors to Flanders. (