August 12, 2018

A Day in Dasmarinas, Cavite with Friends

My mother was already sick when I was in fourth year high school with kidney problem so my college education was supposed to be on hold. Mama did not want that to happen so I enrolled in Far Eastern University under Biology course. I stopped after one semester because I was not happy with things happening, especially with Mama being so sick.

The next year I enrolled in UP Diliman Open University under Computer Programming. After one sem, I stopped because I can't grasp anything about the subjectscomputers - control, alt, this and that, etcetera etcetera. That was the time when computers were just introduced in the Philippines.

College life was a roller coaster ride for me. I didn't know what I want so I just decided not to study anymore. I chose to work instead. I was already working in Shakaeys when Mama told me to enroll again. I remember that day when we hopped from Phil. Normal University, Sta Isabel College, Emilio Aguinaldo College, Phil. Christian University  and Phil. Women's University.  

Honestly speaking I didn't know anything about Phil. Christian University back then. I'm familiar with all the schools mentioned above, except PCU but immediately felt at home with the blue and white color of the school. Following Mama's wish of me finishing college, I enrolled in PCU and vowed to finish AB Psychology.  

In PCU I was an international student, not literally speaking though. International students in PCU would mean, working students with very tight schedule so we were given priority to enroll in subjects that will fit our work schedules. It is for this reason that I have many group of friends ranging from younger than me, to older than me and my same age bracket.

The same age bracket friends is where Jonie, Russel and Robert belongs.  We all spent our Clinical OJT at Elsie Gaches Village in Alabang and we all graduated in 1996.

After graduation, the four of us get to see each other at once every two years until work and family responsibilities hindered us from doing so. The last time the four us met was five years ago at Shangri-La Plaza.

Last May this year, Russel messaged Jonie and I, Robert just passed away. It was a sad day losing a very kind and soft-spoken friend but I was in Seoul, Korea at that time so I was not able to join Russel, Jonie and Robert's family during the wake. 

On August 6 I received an SOS FB message from Russel. He said we badly needed to meet for Jonie. After 5 days, even if it was raining cats and dogs, I traveled to spend a day in Dasmarinas, Cavite with friends.

I'm happy to see Jonie and Russel again last August 11. Incidentally the next day, August 12, is Russel and Robert's birthday. I'm sure Robert's smiling down on us from heaven as we sang a birthday song for him and Russel.

In memory of our dear friend, Robert Bacuetes Yap...

"If you lose a friend to death, recognize that you are grieving the loss of a person near and dear to you, and give yourself the space and time to do so. Connect with others who share your loss, if this helps you, and take time for yourself to do those things that bring you comfort."
- Psychology Today

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