August 6, 2018

What To Do in Davao City in One Day

The Province of Davao is a province of the Philippines in the island of Mindanao. It was divided into three provinces of Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, and Davao del Sur on May 20, 1967, with the passage of Philippine Republic Act No. 4867.

It has long been my plan to see Davao because I like that they don't use firecrackers to celebrate festivities. I'm also intrigued whether the people of  of Davao are really, are truly following rules in this place where our dear President Rodrigo Duterte resides.

I booked a round trip ticket for two at the travel fair last February. I paid almost 7,000 including check-in baggage going to Davao and for our return to Manila. I'm not sure if I was able to save from the travel fair. I heard that some were able to book at less than a thousand pesos for the same trip.

From the airport, you can easily ride a cab or Grab to downtown Davao. Below is our itinerary and budget for two pax for an overnight stay. If you're planning to do a one day DIY trip in Davao City, you may check my vlog. We went to see 911, ate at Yellow Fin, house of President Duterte, Durian Factory, Japanese Tunnel, Crocodile Farm and Jack's Ridge.

We were kind of disappointed when we went to Durian factory. We thought we can see the actual processing of durian but in fact it was just a pasalubong center. You can skip this part to save time and money.

Day 1: Total P4,351
Airport taxi fare to Domicillo Lorenzo P275
Domicillo Lorenzo, Overnight Stay P1760
Yellow Fin lunch - P518
Taxi fare Yellow Fin to Pres Duterte's House - P79
Pres Duterte House to Lola Abons Jeep Ride - P16
Lola Abon' s Candy Factory, Pasalubongs - P550
Taxi fare Lola Abons to Japanese Tunnel - P62
Japanese Tunnel Entrance P50/head - P100
Taxi Japanese Tunnel to Crocodile Farm - P176
Crocodile Ice Cream - P95
Chocomilk - P45
Hot ChocoMilk -  P45
Taxi fare Crocodile Farm to Jack's Ridge - P180
Carlos Exotic Coffee and Cake -  P450

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