September 13, 2018

Daniel Padilla

While lining for the buffet table at the recently concluded VIVO V11 launch, co-blogger friend Reylen of Made It Through Mum told me, "Dali na Ms. Joy andun si Daniel Padilla on the left Ipakuha ka na while he's not yet busy. I hesitated for a second whether to do what Reylen told me because it was almost my turn to the buffet table. But then again I thought of Via.  Via is my daughter's friend and classmate since Grade 7 Phoenix.

Although all Batang MandSci friends and classmates of my kids are special to me, Via and Kevin holds a very special part in my heart. They were the very first Batang MandSci who came to have groupings in our home.

A sudden flashback! I remember Julia told me that Via likes Daniel Padilla a lot! I snapped from thinking and immediately headed to where Daniel Padilla was seating.

I now understand why this young man is so popular, not only because he is a Padillla, more so because Daniel has a genuine love and gratitude for his fans. He never hesitated to greet Via when I requested him to. Bukod sa napaka gwapo, magalang din sya. Salamat din sa kangyang mag handlers at di masusungit.

Dear Daniel, thank you for making Via Happy! 

So sweet and thoughtful of Via for giving me a cake. Super happy kasi sya. Love you, V!

“If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. 
The world needs more of that. ”
- Unknown

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