October 23, 2018


Crush means a brief but intense infatuation for someone. It's synonyms are infatuation or puppy love. I guess all young kids experience having a crush. When I was in high school I had 2 crush. One in First year (Grade 7 equivalent now) and one in third year. 

Both boys did not know I had a crush on them back then. After college, my batchmates in St. Francis requested for a reunion so I organized it in year 2000. 

At the final meeting for the said reunion my former crush in third year attended. He sat beside me and talked like it was the first time he saw me, he said "kamusta ka na Alberto, san ka ba naglalagi at di kita nakikita?".  Di ko na natiis and replied, "Ikaw talaga Noie, kahit naman noon di mo ako nakikita. Naalala mo lang ako pag kokopya ka ng homeworks at projects". To which he replied with a laugh, "ganun ba?".  No holds barred na ito  so I said, "hindi mo naman talaga ako nakikita noon, malamang nga hindi mo alam na crush kita". Shocked sya, "Talaga, crush mo nga ako noon?".  

That was in year 2000, the last time I saw him alive. I did get to see him again in year 2014 in Facebook via a common friend when his comment popped in one of my FB friends. We connected and briefly chatted. I was happy to see him happily married with 3 kids, a son and twin girls. Eulette  seemed nice and bubbly. I instantly liked her. To make things light at the wake, I told  her about my 'crush' story. We both laughed and that's the start of this beautiful almost nightly chat.

I don't sleep at night  and I'm thankful that Eulette has been very kind reading and listening to me when everyone are already in cloud nine sleeping. Our almost daily and nightly conversations made me feel like we have been friends since high school.

We've finally had our first date at Lea Salonga's 40th Anniversary Concert. I'm really happy she made it to the concert despite the traffic. 

Sabi ko sa kanya before she went home, "hindi pala talaga meant na maging boyfriend ko ni Noie. Daan lang pala sya para kami tayo maging girlfriends. Tayong dalawa pala talaga para sa isa't isa." We both laughed and ended the night with joy in our hearts.

Actually crush ko na si Eulette. Crush, meaning I admire her for being tough in many ways.

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