October 10, 2018

Intramuros Tour

Born and raised in the Philippines and studied in three universities but I never got the time to tour Intramuros. I was busy trying to figure what I really wanted in life😀.

Finally, I got the chance to see this beautiful place because after I covered the opening of Old Manila Eco Market last Sunday.

I hired Kuya Nhoyan to tour me around. For local tourists, rate is P150 per every 30 minutes and P200 for foreigners.

I lost Kuya Nhoyan's number but if you happen to go at Intramuros, just ask his fellow pedicab tour drivers.

Intramuros is the 0.67 square kilometers historic walled area within the modern city of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It is administered by the Intramuros Administration, which was created through the Presidential Decree No. 1616 signed on April 10, 1979. (Wikipedia)

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