October 24, 2018

Jim Bakery

As we walk the street of Carnarvon on our way back to the hotel after long hour stay at the Peak I smelled something really good! The freshly smelling sponge cake was coming from Jim Bakery. There was a long line but I didn't hesitate to wait because I like sponge cake a lot!

Juancho was so happy to see Jim Bakery because he said it is famous in Youtube as jiggly cake.

They offer original Egg Sponge Cake at 50HKD and Cheese Sponge Cake at 60HKD per box. Though I prefer the latter, both sponge cakes are a must to try when in Hong Kong.

Watching the bakers was fun and relaxing. Eating the sponge cakes, heaven! We were supposed to eat it for breakfast but it was gone in 60 seconds as soon as we opened the box!

Address: 6D Carnarvon Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
Opens 10AM
Phone: 6545 4665

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