October 30, 2018

Ocean Park Hong Kong

It took me 17 years before visiting Hong Kong again. I wanted to skip Ocean Park because I've seen it and as a 45 year old woman, my knees are not that strong anymore, but my husband said we have to include it in our itinerary so our kids can experience the thrill we've experienced 17 years ago.

The first time John and I went in Ocean Park was completely different from our recent trip. First because we were on a group tour before so we were picked up in the hotel by our tour guide and traveled via bus. We were on our own when we reached Ocean Park and was picked up the bus again after 4 hours of stay.

This time I did a DIY tour with my family. We traveled via MTR  from Tsim Sha Tsui and went down Admiralty station. A short 5 minute walk from MTR and we reached Ocean Park.

We arrived at Ocean Park around 12nn. We first rode Express Train going up to the rides. It was already very hot and we were hungry so we ate lunch first at one of the restaurants.

By the time we finished our lunch, Rafael felt exhausted and feverish so we brought him at the clinic and was given a paracetamol. John stayed with him while I went back to see the pandas with Julia, Juan and Jomes.

After seeing the panda, we lined up for cable car. The line was super long because most tourist came in around 3pm. John called me up to go back and see Rafael's condition so we can decide if we will cut our Ocean Park adventure to go back to the hotel. Good thing Rafael felt better when I came back.
I was not able to ride the cable anymore. The most important thing is that my son felt better after seeing his beautiful mom😁.

Tips before planning your trip to Ocean Park:

1. Buy your tickets online to avoid long queue.
2. Ocean Park opens at 1030am so be there as early as 930 am and enjoy the view.
3. Start your adventure by riding the cable car first so you won't be waiting for a long time.
4. If you're a thrill junkie, finish all the important rides before visiting pandas, penguins and other attractions.
5. Food is not allowed inside Ocean Park.
6. You don't need to bring water because Ocean Park has drinking fountains spread evenly throughout the place.
7.  Bring cash as some kiosks only accepts cash.
8. Whatever unexpected events happen, just relax and enjoy the view. That's what John and I did when our son got exhausted from the heat.

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