October 6, 2018

Old Manila Eco Market

My Sunday was indeed a fruitful day as I attended the opening of  Old Manila Eco Market in Intramuros.  Old Manila Eco Market will run  all Sundays from October 7th to December 30th. Dubbed as the very first eco market in the Philippines, it was conceptualized in partnership with Intramuros Administration. It is surely a one of a kind  weekend market where selected social entrepreneurs, small-scale and eco-friendly businesses around the country are invited to showcase their world-class products and services. 

 • A zero-waste market where plastic is banned. Merchants are to sell their products in eco-friendly packaging while market-goers are encouraged to bring their own utensils, lunch boxes, and eco bags for their purchases. 

• A healthy-living market where selling sodas and food with preservatives will not be allowed. A fresh fruit and vegetable stall will be set-up right in the middle of the market for the market-goers -- foodies and health buffs alike can get their weekly produce supply at the eco market.

 • A child and pet friendly market where kids of all ages, families of all sizes and kind are encouraged to bond with their family and friends over a Sunday of good food. 

• A Filipino market. Priority is given to booths that will showcase Filipino brands. The eco market wants to provide that much-needed exposure to small entrepreneurs and hence, it prioritizes giving booth slots to social enterprises that are directly tied-up to marginalized communities. Selling counterfeit and sub-standard items will not be allowed. 

Old Manila Eco Market
Plaza Roma, in front of Manila Cathedral

For inquiries, please contact:Tel. No.: +632 359 7076 
Mobile Nos.: +63916 336 6855, +63908 815 0483 
E-mail: oldmanilaecomarket@gmail.com 
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/oldmanilaecomarket 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oldmanilaecomarket

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