November 20, 2018

Alex 16th Birthday

My daughter, Julia, and Alex Rodelas' are classmates since Grade 7. That's almost 4 years in the making. They've also been together many times during Math Contests since both girls are good in Math.

When Alex announced she's having a birthday party, 10 Curie class were excited since it's the first time one of them are celebrating a birthday outside of their comfort zones. The girls started thinking on what to wear.

Come November 16, moms  were excited to see these teens strut their way to Peri-Peri in Capitol Commons.

I'm one of the moms who happily waited til the party's over. Julia said it was a fun party and every body enjoyed the night.

"Sixteen candles make a lovely light 
but not as bright as your eyes tonight."
- Luther Dixon

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