November 25, 2018

Fat Fook Kitchen at The Globe Tower in BGC

Taiwan is the next travel destination I am planning for my family next year so my Kumareng Berlin's invite for the opening of Fat Fook Kitchen, located at The Globe Tower in BGC, was timely!

What got my attention upon I entering the tall glass door of Fat Food was that tall, slim and beautiful lady standing at the back. She was then called to welcome the media. She's Chef Rachel Kao, Managing Partner and the executive chef. I actually thought they invited a celebrity to endorse this Taiwanese Restaurant.

Chef Rachel conceptualized everything on the menu. As a Taiwanese born in Taiwan and grew up in the Philippines, I believe she's in the right position to open a Taiwanese Restaurant.

Second that caught my chinky-small eyes are the plates that beautifully decorated the place. I am impressed with it because it reminds me of my late mom who used to collect plates.

I am clueless when it comes to Taiwanese food so it was a big help that Chef Rachel was there to explained the food they served last night.

I like tofu a lot. What's my personal favorite among the 17 dishes serves? It's definitely stinky tofu! It lives up to its name, it is really stinky but once you eat it, it's heaven (for me!).

"To remain authentic, we kept our recipes as is. We didn't adjust them to suit the Filipino palate", Chef Rachel explained.

Enough said, I suggest you head on at Fat Fook  at The Globe Tower in BGC and try their dishes.

What we had:

Taiwan Sausage –skewered pan fired authentic Taiwan sausage garnished with fresh garlic silvers

Tofu with Century Egg and Pork Floss – soft tofu and century egg in sweet and salty sauce topped with pork floss

Fried Stinky Tofu – a popular Taiwanese dish of fermented tofu served with sweet salty sauce and pickled cabbage

Pork Spareribs Radish Soup – deep fried marinated pork ribs then steam until tender in chicken broth and radish topped wansoy

Oyster Misua – fresh oyster in misua soup garnished with wansoy, fresh garlic and fried shallots

Truffle Xiao Long Bao – a soup dumpling with the twist of truffle oil serve with black vinegar and ginger dip

Pork Xiao Long Bao – a soup dumpling and one of the best seller served with black vinegar and ginger dip

Fat Fook Chicken Chop – a signature dish deep fried breaded chicken fillet with salt and pepper

Fried Intestine – deep fried pork intestine served with salt and pepper

Cua Pao – tender slices of pork belly and pickled mustard leaves sandwiched in soft whole bun.  Garnished with wansoy and ground peanuts

String Beans with Minced Pork – stir fired string beans with stewed shredded pork

Oyster Omelette – fresh oyster with Taiwan petchay in egg drizzled in sweet pepper sauce

Black Pepper Beef – stir fried beef tenderloin chunks in black pepper sauce

Beef Tendon Hotpot – braised beef tendon in mild spicy sauce. Garnished with spring onion and chopped chili

Taiwanese Style Fried Noodles – stir fried noodles with pork strips and vegetables

Kiampong – steamed sticky rice with pork, mushroom topped with dried shrimp and wansoy
Rice Topped with Minced Pork – steamed rice topped with minced pork belly, yellow radish and stewed boiled egg, garnish with wansoy

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