November 5, 2018

Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn

I have been a happy and satisfied client of since I started traveling here and abroad. I also shared my reviews, both in this blog and in site, to the places we've stayed so other parents who are travelling with kid/kids can read what to see and expect to the places and hopefully benefit from my reviews.

For our recent trip in Hong Kong I booked 3 times at - Disney Explorers Lodge in Lantau, New Reliance Inn in Tsim Sha Tsui, and Stanford Hillside Hotel in Conservatory Rd Tsim Sha Tsui.

My family and I had a wonderful time at Disney Explorers Lodge and a relaxing stay at Stanford Hillside Hotel.

Our delightful experience with Disney Explorers Lodge and Stanford Hillside Hotel was way different when we met this Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn. Few days after our trip to Hong Kong, I did a review at with the same title, Scary Guy in Reliance Inn. It was published until I could not see it anymore after 2 days it was posted. I emailed asking why my review of Reliance Inn was deleted in their website. No reply from

Things got weird when I received an email from asking me the reason for my cancellation at New Reliance Inn. I replied, "we pushed with our booking, paid via credit card and were even forced by Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn to pay an extra 300hkd by  in cash! customer service replied that I should coordinate it with Reliance Inn for the extra charge.

Things got weirder when I saw this from my bookings list. How can I cancel it when we were there from October 29, 2018 at 11pm. 

Things got weirdest when simply accepted this Samson The Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn lies saying I arrived with 8 guests!...and that I have to show proof within 14 days otherwise they cannot help me with my concern.

Sharing here my review of New Reliance Inn that was deleted at

"Weeks prior to our trip to Hong Kong I emailed New Reliance Inn on how to reach it coming from Disney, Explorer's Lodge. No reply. I emailed again a week before our trip to HK. Still no reply. I meailed again a day befroe our bokking at New Reliance Inn. No reply. 

We arrived at New Reliance Inn on October 29, 2018 at around 11pm. It took us long to reach the floor where Samson the  Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn met us because there was only one elevator that can accommodate only 7 people. This elevator serves the many different units inside Chungking Mansions. When this Samson the  Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn met us and my family (hubby age 44 and 4 kids ages 27, 15, 15 and 12) he shouted at us saying awful words, frightening us about the number of people they can only accommodate. He did not even let me and my husband speak. Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn kept on talking on a very scary voice. He said he is going to call the manager, gave us a room key and told us to go down to the ground floor, do not go out of the elevator and just press the elevator again to go up to the 13th floor. It took him about 15 minutes to see us in the room. That time we were expecting to see and talk to the manager to tell him our story. But Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn came back without the manager. He said we must pay an additional 300hkd. I asked why because we are total of 6 people. I was going to explain again our side but he kept on talking loudly and told us to pay 300hkd in cash. I asked if I can pay in credit card but he refused. I gave him 500hkd. He left again and came back after several minutes with the 200hkd change and a receipt. He also gave us 6 paper cups. That's the last time we saw Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn. We left early the next morning to go at Ocean Park. when we arrived, someone from New Reliance Inn went inside the room even if we did not ask for a clean up."

When I book New Reliance Inn in I knew that they have a small space and the bed can accommodate only 4 people. Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn did not even bother to listen to me and my husband. I booked this because we only needed a place to leave the bags and the kids because we were meeting my friend that night and the following night for a long needed catch up talk. We ended up not leaving because our kids were really afraid of this Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn.

This is just one of the many scary opening/holes within the area of New Reliance Inn

This is a scary opening/hole inside the room where we stayed in at New Reliance Inn. My husband asked Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn about it and he answered in loud voice, "Why you sacred, why you scared? Don't worry about it. Safe place here."
This water dispenser is placed outside the rooms of New Reliance Inn.
There are dirty stuff beside and near the water like brooms, dust pans, floor map,
bathroom and floor chemicals.

The bathroom may be small but it is clean. There's a drip coming from the shower which wet our heads while sitting on the toilet bowl. The water heater is hard to manage as it cannot maintain the right temperature. It gives either a very cold water or very hot water

Just one elevator that runs super slow. It can only accommodate 7 people
(less if another person is on a heavy side).
This elevator serves many units inside Chungking Mansions

The receipt given by Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn for the extra 300hkd cash he forced us to pay. Aside from the 1,300hkd I paid in via credit card.

The room  with pillows and blankets provided by Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn
This is the only decent area in New Reliance Inn. It is located near the main door.

Even if Reliance Inn is near MTR and Avenue of Stars, I would not recommend it. There are plenty of other hotels that is way nicer hotels at Tsim Sha Tsui area which offers the same price as Reliance Inn.

Our experience with Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn is one that we will not forget. I have emailed Booking,com to look deeply into this matter because as a trusted platform by many, it is's duty to ensure that the hotels/inns and other places they accredit in their site is professional, respectful and honest in dealing with travelers, most especially when there  are children involved.

Hong Kong is a wonderful place to visit, people like Samson the Scary Guy in New Reliance Inn has no place in it.

I have emailed and still waiting for's reply on this matter.

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