December 28, 2018

Mr. Apen and Mrs. Linda Francia's 50th Wedding Anniversary

I've hosted numerous and different events for years but it is my first time to host for a 50th Wedding Anniversary. I am ecstatic because this is the Golden Year of Marriage of Edwin's parents, Tatay Apen and Nanay Linda.

Edwin is one of my good friends in Bayantel since 1995. Kahit kinukulit ko sya di sya nagagalit o nagtatampo sa akin. Kaya even if his invitation for me to host this momentous and joyful occasion is kinda short notice, I happily oblige.

It was amazing to see how The six Francia grandchildren, three each from Ate Eileen and Edwin, are all very talented. All of them played a special number for their Lolo and Lola.

I feel honored being their, standing in front of their friends and relatives, kaya muli, Maligayang Ginintuang Anibersaryo po Nanay at Tatay!

"There is no more lovely, and charming relationship, 
communion or company than a good marriage." 
 -Martin Luther

December 27, 2018

NNES Batch '86 Kita Kits

The last time I organized and hosted a reunion was in year 2000. It was for my high school batch in St. Francis. After that I vowed not to organize such events again as it is really a taxing job since I'm the only one not living in Quezon City anymore. I had to drive 2 hours (no traffic) and 3 to 4 hours (with traffic) from my place to SM Fairview for meet-ups.

I also hosted for the 25th Anniversary of my other high school PCTR five years ago. This was an easier task because a different group of batchmates were the proponents.

After the two reunions I vowed not to be active in organizing and hosting such events because it is really time consuming and taxing on my body.

Last November, classmates and batchmates from my  Nagkaisang Nayon Elementary School started chatting about reunion. Originally the venue was of course in Novaliches. I immediately declined for 2 reasons, I have a family trip in Taiwan and the venue is darn far from my place!๐Ÿ˜

As fate would have it, some classmates requested for a change of venue so we can breath in some new air other than that of QC. To cut the long story short, this time, I didn't drive 2 hours (no traffic) and 3 to 4 hours (with traffic) to plan for our NNES Batch '86 Kita Kits. 

The venue was just 5 minutes away from my place! It was held at Cafe Publico in High Point, Medical Hub, Shaw Blvd. It was an amazingly fun and funny kita kits ng NNES Batch 86! Sulit ang 32 years in the making!

When the program ended, I paid the bills and packed my bags. I was sure ready to go home for that much needed sleep. They were insistent that I go with them in Comedy Bar. My body argued, saying I'm tired and that I must go home. My mind debated, how can I refuse all of them when they took an effort to leave their comfort zones to go to my area.

It was definitely a night and morning to remember. 

Those who were present: 

Edna Arcaya, Maura Arce, Rhodora Barreras, Susan Beltran, Throy Catan, Juner Creencia, Maricel Dela Cruz, Remedios Dancel,  Jennifer Samonte-Duldulao and hubby Glen, Mon Esmeria, Haydee Lee-Espiritu, Bonifacio Galinato and wife Malen, Beng Hermocilla, Antonio Lampera, Jimmy Mariano, Julius Milagrosa, Jennifer Naga, Babylynne Almario-Oballes, Rhodora Ailes-Pagay, Gina Padrilan, Jennifer Perocillo-Payang, Alfred Suellen, Jerry Tabadero,  Nenalyn Alcedo-Tamayo, Oscar Torrefranca, Roel Traballo, Angel Uy, Sander Velasco, 

December 25, 2018

Love, Love, Love

Every year my husband and kids would ask, what I like for Christmas. I'd reply, " I don't like anythin'. All I want is love, love, love and lots of love". Last night they still gave me gifts. I appreciate them much but I got that love, love, love and lots of love from Nanay Flori (my oldest garage buyer) when she came and brought me 2 green Mangoes. She said, "tatlo sana yan pero may nanghingi ng isa." I felt that it was my late Mama telling me that I am loved, loved, loved because I like mangoes a lot dahil pinaglihi ako ni Mama sa manggang hilaw. Tears fell from eyes...

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December 24, 2018

Christmas Gift

Michaella is my youngest buyer in garage sale. Akala ko nung una boy sya. She buys anything at P20. Kahit 100 or up ang item, sasabihin nya, "P20 lang". How can I refuse her charm kahit na may kakulitan at ang daming tanong. Madalas sumasabay pa sya sa dami ng namimili. For 4 weekends she'd come and bring P20 to buy anything she fancied. Hindi sya marunong mag po at opo, so before I give in to her request for a super discount, I'd tell her to say po and opo when talking to older people. Today she came not to buy but to give me a melon as Christmas gift. Nagpopo na din sya sa akin. ♥️๐ŸŽ„♥️

"Christmas, my child, is love in action. 
Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas". 
- Dale Evans
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December 22, 2018

A Great Teacher

Teaching is a very noble profession that helps shape the character of students and that's why I have high respect and admiration to teachers. 

I am happy and proud knowing that my former elemetary classmate is now a professor. I'm pretty sure he is a great teacher because he was a good kid and student when we were in elementary. He was very quiet, observant and intelligent. 

Thanks Prof. Roel Traballo for a quick catch-up at sa kape na may 2 stickers. 

"A good teacher can inspire hope, 
ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning."
- Brad Henry

December 19, 2018

December 18, 2018

Catriona Gray's Winning Answer

Catriona Gray's winning answer at the recently concluded Miss Universe 2018 has been used and still being used by milions all over the world. So when I met Mon Esmeria, a former Grade 3 classmate,  for an ocular of venue for our upcoming reunion and he asked, "So how are you after all these years?"

To which I replied using the famous Cat quote, “Well, I'm doing great because I’ve always taught myself to look for the beauty in life; to look for the beauty in the faces of adversity, sadness and pain, and to be grateful for everything. I have and will always bring this aspect for as long as I live, to see situations with a silver lining. If I could teach our other batch mates and classmates to be grateful, we could have an amazing reunion where negativity could not grow and foster, and we will go home after the kita kits  with a smile on our faces.”

Sabi nya, "makulit ka pa din".๐Ÿ˜

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December 17, 2018

December 14, 2018

Mighty Morphines Cast in Manila

The Mighty Morphines Cast recently visited Manila for an engagement arranged by TOYCON PH and POPLIFE GLOBAL in time for the Power Rangers 25th Year Anniversary.

The media prescon was held at DC Superheroes Cafe at the Fashion Hall in SM Megamall.

Present at the event were, Time Force Red Jason Faunt, Time Force Blue Micahel Copon, Time Force Green Kevin Kleinberg, Megaforce Yellow Clara Hanna and Dino Charge Pink Camille Hyde.

December 10, 2018

CMSHS GPTA 2018-2019 Luau Christmas Party

The recently concluded CMSHS GPTA 2018-2019 Luau Christmas Party was a fun and funny night as the Proud Parents of mga Batang MandSci took time off from their busy schedules as they danced and laughed the night away.

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, 
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." 
-Norman Vincent Peale

December 8, 2018

Julia and Rafael at 16

Sometimes the best plan is having no plans at all. This is what happened for my twin kids' 16th Birthday. They originally both wanted to stay overnight in a hotel with their friends. I already booked 2 suite rooms 6 months prior to December 8. Two weeks before their birthday, Rafael told me he wanted to have a party. I asked Julia if she wants a party as well. Her reply, "whatever Bober wants".

They both left all the details of the party to me - the venue, the theme, the food. They took care of the list of people to invite. Dad took care of the payment .๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

It was a rush and a simple party but I'm sure Julia and Rafael at 16 was a successful celebration since the people close to them were there to celebrate with us.

Special mention goes to my friend, Engr. Edwin Francia, for taking care of the e-invite and the photo booth Just Shoot Me Ph; Keiran Tumpalan and Julian Somcio of War N' Wager for the live music; My niece Meeca Ocuaman for the beautiful song, and everybody who took time out for this very special day of El and Ia.

"I always was looking for the purpose in my life.
When I had Ia and El I found it. 
The pure joy of just being a mother to them 
is enough to say, I am blessed."
- Joy Mendiola
December 8, 2018

December 6, 2018

Congressman Teodorico Haresco Jr.

An afternoon of buffet lunch and a getting-to-know session with Congressman Teodorico Haresco Jr. happened this afternoon at Dad's West Ave.

Representative Haresco is a proud Ilonggo. He is popularly called  Nonong Haresco and he is from Aklan who has authored thirty three (33) House Measures and co-authored thirty one (31) House Measures. He is running again for the next election for the same position.

About Congressman Teodorico Haresco Jr.:

He finished Engineering and Accounting in Dela Salle University with honors.  Completed his M.A. in International Economics at the McGill University in Canada. He participated in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development- International Trade Center in Switzerland. He is the only Visayan and Aklanon to receive the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Businessman of The Year in 2007 and the Deutch Bank Banker of the Year in 2005. He was People Asia's Person of the Year in 2008 and one of the Modern Day Heroes in 2008. He was cited in the book celebratig 347 years of Philippine-British Relations. His company WINSOURCE Solutions Inc. has been a five-time recipient of the Queens Awards for Entreprise. He conceptualized President's Bridge Programme (PBP). PBP is a very successful reengineering model in the Philippines being duplicated in Sri Lanka, Papa New Guinea, Cambodia, Siberia and other Asian countries. He is the principal developer of a nationwide scholarship fund for the slain journalists and has put 34 young scholars through school since 2007.

About Aklan Legislative Districts:

The Legislative Districts of Aklan is the representation of the Province of Aklan in the Philippine House of Representatives. The province is currently represented in the lower house of the Congress of the Philippines through its first and second districts. Prior to electing its own representative for the first time in 1957, the province was represented as part of the second and third districts of Capiz. From 1978 to 1984 it was part of the representation of Region VI. Aklan has 2 legislative districts signed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

December 3, 2018

Christmas Shines at Bayview Park Hotel

Standing proud and strong for 75 years, Bayview Park Hotel Manila is one of the most famous and most sought-after destination for travelers here and abroad. 

Earlier this morning John and I witnessed third annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony headed by Bayview General Manager, Mr. Eugene T. Yap

The lobby of the hotel is filled with guests (both young and old), decorative gifts, toys, candies, and of course, a huge Christmas Tree.  

As celebration, Mr. Eugene Yap, has invited the Shepherdine Children’s Choir. They serenaded the crowd with their angelic voices, sung carols that surely brought back wonderful memories of the audience consisting of hotel guests, bloggers and media personnel.

They introduced the 13 lovely candidates for their first ever Ms. Bayview Park Hotel consisting of selected employees. They will be competing for a “Best in Gown” and a “Popularity Award”, through Facebook-likes voting.

Bayview Park Hotel
1118 Roxas Boulevard, cor United Nations Avenue, 
Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 526 1555

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