December 8, 2018

Julia and Rafael at 16

Sometimes the best plan is having no plans at all. This is what happened for my twin kids' 16th Birthday. They originally both wanted to stay overnight in a hotel with their friends. I already booked 2 suite rooms 6 months prior to December 8. Two weeks before their birthday, Rafael told me he wanted to have a party. I asked Julia if she wants a party as well. Her reply, "whatever Bober wants".

They both left all the details of the party to me - the venue, the theme, the food. They took care of the list of people to invite. Dad took care of the payment .😁😁

It was a rush and a simple party but I'm sure Julia and Rafael at 16 was a successful celebration since the people close to them were there to celebrate with us.

Special mention goes to my friend, Engr. Edwin Francia, for taking care of the e-invite and the photo booth Just Shoot Me Ph; Keiran Tumpalan and Julian Somcio of War N' Wager for the live music; My niece Meeca Ocuaman for the beautiful song, and everybody who took time out for this very special day of El and Ia.

"I always was looking for the purpose in my life.
When I had Ia and El I found it. 
The pure joy of just being a mother to them 
is enough to say, I am blessed."
- Joy Mendiola
December 8, 2018

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