December 27, 2018

NNES Batch '86 Kita Kits

The last time I organized and hosted a reunion was in year 2000. It was for my high school batch in St. Francis. After that I vowed not to organize such events again as it is really a taxing job since I'm the only one not living in Quezon City anymore. I had to drive 2 hours (no traffic) and 3 to 4 hours (with traffic) from my place to SM Fairview for meet-ups.

I also hosted for the 25th Anniversary of my other high school PCTR five years ago. This was an easier task because a different group of batchmates were the proponents.

After the two reunions I vowed not to be active in organizing and hosting such events because it is really time consuming and taxing on my body.

Last November, classmates and batchmates from my  Nagkaisang Nayon Elementary School started chatting about reunion. Originally the venue was of course in Novaliches. I immediately declined for 2 reasons, I have a family trip in Taiwan and the venue is darn far from my place!😁

As fate would have it, some classmates requested for a change of venue so we can breath in some new air other than that of QC. To cut the long story short, this time, I didn't drive 2 hours (no traffic) and 3 to 4 hours (with traffic) to plan for our NNES Batch '86 Kita Kits. 

The venue was just 5 minutes away from my place! It was held at Cafe Publico in High Point, Medical Hub, Shaw Blvd. It was an amazingly fun and funny kita kits ng NNES Batch 86! Sulit ang 32 years in the making!

When the program ended, I paid the bills and packed my bags. I was sure ready to go home for that much needed sleep. They were insistent that I go with them in Comedy Bar. My body argued, saying I'm tired and that I must go home. My mind debated, how can I refuse all of them when they took an effort to leave their comfort zones to go to my area.

It was definitely a night and morning to remember. 

Those who were present: 

Edna Arcaya, Maura Arce, Rhodora Barreras, Susan Beltran, Throy Catan, Juner Creencia, Maricel Dela Cruz, Remedios Dancel,  Jennifer Samonte-Duldulao and hubby Glen, Mon Esmeria, Haydee Lee-Espiritu, Bonifacio Galinato and wife Malen, Beng Hermocilla, Antonio Lampera, Jimmy Mariano, Julius Milagrosa, Jennifer Naga, Babylynne Almario-Oballes, Rhodora Ailes-Pagay, Gina Padrilan, Jennifer Perocillo-Payang, Alfred Suellen, Jerry Tabadero,  Nenalyn Alcedo-Tamayo, Oscar Torrefranca, Roel Traballo, Angel Uy, Sander Velasco, 

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