January 4, 2019

Eduard and Dianne's Eternal Wedding

Jonie and I have been friends since we were in college. We were both seating on that bench under the tree when I started asking from where she was originally. When she said Novaliches, I dig deeper. She wouldn't tell me the exact place pero dahil makulit ako, wala syang nagawa kundi sabihin. It turned out we're both from that small and hidden barangay. She left the place and moved to Cavite since she married at an early age.

When Jonie gave birth to her son Eduard, she got me as Godmother. I was so happy since being Eduard's ninang cemented my friendship with Jonie.

After graduating in college, Jonie and I have only went out twice. That's how busy we were both raising our respective children and building our careers.

Fast forward to January 4, 2019, for Eduard and Dianne's Eternal Wedding. I'm happy to have made it to this very special day despite the many untoward incidences.

I admire these young couple, Eduard is 21 and Dianne is 22, for deciding early that they both want to spend their lives together here and in eternity.

"A successful marriage 
requires falling in love many times, 
always with the same person." 
- Mignon McLaughlin

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