January 2, 2019


One of the most important reasons why I said yes to NNES Batch '86 Reunion is to see my friends. Madami silang sa umattend but I'm highlighting Haydee and Jing on this post. They are two of the most important friends I keep though we haven't seen each other or talked for years.

Our friendship started when were in Grade 5. We were actually 6 girls, namely Carla, Rebecca, Arlene, Haydee, Jing and me. I remember frequenting their homes because I am a au naturel lakwatsera. 😀

Both Jing and Haydee are truly kind-hearted. I've never seen them got mad easily with mean people and uncomfortable situations. They have me for a friend kaya sanay na sila sa mean person. 😀 They're also both soft-spoken, unlike me, who'd talk and talk for hours without falter.

Jing is the sweetest among our group. Everyt ime my water bottle would fall, she'd pick it up. One day she just snapped and said, "grabe ka na ha, ako na ang lagi dumadampot ng tubigan mo!". Kaya totoo ang kasabihan na wag gagalitin ang ang mga mababait na tao. Mula noon, I learned my lesson on not to sway my hands too much so my water bottle won't fall. Takot na kong magalit si Jing. 😀

Haydee is the more quiet, actually mataray one, but I love this girl sooooo much kasi she is a Math genius. I hate Math but Haydee helped me a lot in this subject. If not for Hayd's help I might have flanked Math.

It did not matter whether it took us 32 years to be together again. We just picked up where we left off. because we know in our hearts that we love each other that much that time and distance was not an issue.

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings." 
- Henry David Thoreau

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