January 25, 2019

Kenzo Tumpalan

I take being ninang seriously. I like to see my inaanak not just during Christmas. When I visit my Godchildren in their homes it's always for two reasons, making my inaanak feel special and having a catch up with their mom or dads (who are of course my friends)

I met Ainie, the mom of Kenzo, in Aquinas School some 10 years ago. Ang tagal na! Keitan, Ainie's eldest son and my son Rafael were classmates since Grade 1.

Yesterday I enjoyed playing the drums with Kenzo Tumpalan, my future rock star drummer inaanak.

Supporting a child's hobby at an early have many benefits, such as, having a happy, confident and relax son or daughter.  Kids develop “self-smarts” or intrapersonal skills thus building self-esteem, form their personal identity.

Such is the classic example of my cutie and talented inaanak, Kenzo Tumpalan.

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