January 27, 2019


Emma. Percia and I became close 3 years ago when we were elected Officers for the CMSHS GPTA. We haven't been seeing much lately because Em is super busy with work and Percia is actively doing her live selling.

Last night, we got to catch up when Percia and I paid our respect to Em's Kuya, who passed away. We sepnt up to 2am as we spent pagpag in Dunkin Donuts Barangka,

Pagpag after attending the wake of Emma's brother. This superstition means going elsewhere after attending the wake before heading home to shake off the spirit of the deceased lest it follows you home. Superstitions surrounding wakes are among the most widely practiced by Filipinos still today. Another is that the family of the deceased should not drop off visitors at the door upon saying goodbye as it symbolizes dropping them off at their own deaths.

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