February 6, 2019

Mama Lynda's 70th Birthday

Despite super short notice from Mommy Joan asking me to host her mom's birthday, I immediately said yes though I have 2 blogging events lined up for February 6 because I will not ever forgive my self if I miss Mama Lynda's 70th Birthday Party at the Legend Villas. 

I consider Mama Lynda as relative. She was the first I met among their family when one day, 12 years ago, she was calling from across the street, "kayo po ba ang mommy ni Julia?". After I nodding she continued, "ako po ang Lola ni JapJap. Crush nya po si Julia." It actually ade me smile. The whole thing - my daughter having an admirer at the age of 4 and a grandma who's so excited for her apo.

Long story short, Mama Lynda, whom I fondly call Mommy, is a special lady for me. 

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