February 20, 2019

Occasions of Joy's 10th Year Anniversary at White Cross

I am blessed to be married to a good man. He supports all my endeavors and is always behind every step of the way. Blogging has been my way of sharing my thoughts to people. Through blogging I have been privilege to meet celebrities, well-known people. And I am humbled to meet ordinary citizens that makes my life worth. In return, every February 20, we share this blog's anniversary to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

We celebrated this blog, Occasions of Joy's 10th Year Anniversary at White Cross, and had a wonderful time with the children, staff and volunteers.  My kumpareng Ricky The Magician entertained the kids with his magic and games.

Thanks to all y friends who helped in this endeavor. You know who you are.💓

Photos were not allowed by the management to protect the children's identities.  If you wish to help this organization, feel free to read more About White Cross:

When White Cross was established, foremost in the minds of its founders was an institution which will help bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. To make this dream possible, they helped those who were in great need during those times - the children of tubercular patients. 

Today, after more than 50 years of arduous work and unceasing dedication, White Cross has now become a multi-faceted organization. Thanks to the generous support of hundreds of benefactors who have seen them through the years.

1.Education, Values Formation and Skills Training Program 

 A program for parents of children in White Cross. This program aims to help beneficiaries develop themselves in their day to day lives. Furthermore, it sees to it that the parents will find employment and thus, be able to take back their children and provide them with the love and car that only parents can give.

Included in this program is the establishment of Sta. Luisa Multi-Purpose Cooperative. This project enables the members to become self reliant and to become active partners in our country's development.

2.Programs for the Five Depressed Communities Around White Cross 

 For the residents of the nearby communities, White Cross provides them with activities that enhance growth as individuals and as members of the society. For parents and adult population, education and spiritual enrichment is given to achieve better quality of life. It includes literacy classes and skills training. The out-of-school youth and adult illiterates undergo education using a new and effective learning tool. This program prepares them for the PEPT tests for further studies or better job placements. The children of the community are treated with weekly visitation to White Cross where in they are allowed to play in the spacious playground. They are also encouraged to join choir practices and Story-Telling sessions. For the very, very young children, a 8-hour Day Care Center is open for them. Here, they are supplied with free supplementary feeding programs in addition to the learning imparted to them through Learning Games. 

3.Visita Domicillaria

People of the communities and employees of the institution join in prayer through this program. In a cycle of 30 days, a statue of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal is carried in turn from one family to another. Everyday, each family prays for special intentions together with their own. Once a month, the members gather together in White Cross for a meeting and Formation Session.

4.Health Education 

 A medical mission is conducted every first Sunday of the month. Spearheading this activity is the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital also provides volunteers once a month to attend to the medical needs of the children in the surrounding communities. Another component of this program is the supplementary feeding of malnourished children which is conducted on weekdays. This is done at the Kindergarten and Day Care Center. 

White Cross Children's Home 

When this institution was opened in 1937, its service was directed to the children of tuberculosis patients. Today, White Cross welcomes to its fold children of poor unwed mothers, of physically incapacitated parents, of prisoners, of victims of rape or incest. White Cross provides temporary haven for these children.


Holistic Human and Christian Development of its Clients. The uplifting of the quality of life of the low income individuals, families and communities. 

1.To provide a temporary home and custodial care to minor children, ages 0-6 years, of indigent families, single parents or those who are abandoned. 
2.To assist low income families in organizing and mobilizing themselves toward self-reliance. 
3.To provide educational programs and other activities designed to enhance personal and interpersonal relationships, and holistic development. 
4.To facilitate the acquisition of skills, leading to the implementation of income-generating projects and economic advancement. 
5.To look after the spiritual development of the clients and their communities. 
6.To network with government and non-government organizations and agencies in the delivery of programs and services. 

Children, ages 0-6 years, of indigent families, unwed mothers, victims of rape or incest, prisoners, physically or mentally incapacitated parents, tuberculosis patients or those of unknown parents. 

Residents of Purok Narciso, Rodriguez, Madrigal, SPAC and Paltok of Brgy. Corazon de Jesus in the vicinity of White Cross Children's Home.

"...White Cross is something more than a mere crusading unit in the present national fight against the white plague. It is the response to the inner and subtle call of God that we make our life richer in good deeds; it is the expression of our sincere desire as humble citizens to help in the building of a new, happy and strong nation; it is the call to the more fortunate elements of this country to have a better understanding of the problems of the laboring class..." (excerpt from the speech delivered by Mrs. Victoria Lopez de Araneta on the Formal Inauguration of White Cross on September 10, 1938)

Be part of this undertaking and share in the goodness of God to the less fortunate of our society. White Cross welcomes donations in cash and in kind. There are other ways and means of helping like : 
1.Sharing family celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. by: 
 a. giving White Cross children a treat 
 b. sponsoring outings or free transportation 
2.Providing scholarship to children 
3.Sponsoring a child's care at White Cross 
4.Volunteering for social interaction with children 

Please send your donations to: White Cross, Inc. 276 Santolan Road, San Juan, Metro Manila or call 724-2145 or email c

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