March 14, 2019

From The Lens Of Eve

Five  women   photographers   are   featured   in   the   show   –  Annabelle  Chavez,  Lauren  Malcampo,  MaryanneMendoza,  Mrae  Orden  and  Jen Perez  – with  the spectrum  of their works  drawing inspiration from natural landscapes, and the varying style of each photographer as wide-ranging as the locations of the photographs. The exhibition explores the nexus between photographer and photograph – the uniqueness of the narratives andemotion   behind  each   frame.  

 “Women  bring   a   different   perspective   to   photography.   Women   see   and   feel differently, and the images they create altogether enrich the entire field,” Mrae Orden explains.  

On   the  significance  of   having   an   all   women   landscape   photography   exhibition,   the featured photographers describe the realities of the genre. Lauren Malcampo points out, “In photography, women have always been a minority.” Jen Perez agrees, “While women have slowly made remarkable inroads in photography, it is still a male-dominated industry, particularly in the genre of landscape photography. Not because few are good, but because women are less visible.” Shangri-La Plaza hopes to change that by providing a platform to highlight the talent of women photographers and help cultivate a wider appreciation of their work. “We want to laud Shangri-La Plaza for being a platform in bringing together female talent in photography,” says Maryanne Mendoza. Annabelle Chavez adds, “I hope that other women artists who will see our exhibit get encouraged in pursuing their own passions.” 

A must-see for mall guests, From the Lens of Eve photography exhibition is at the East Atrium from March 14-19,and  at  the   Level   1,   Main   Wing  from  March   20-31.  #FeelTheShangVibe at #FromTheLensOfEve  exhibit thisWomen’s Month at Shangri-La Plaza.  

For   inquiries,   call   370-2597/98   or   visit   Follow   the   Shang   onInstagram:@shangrilaplazao)cial.

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