March 6, 2019

The Luxe Lounge in Ayala Mall Marikina

I am blessed that I have a business that does not require me to leave home. Although I am spared with the hassle of traffic, I still get stressed with so many other reasons. Whether I like it or not, urban living is such in a hurry that I'm experiencing fatigue and stress from time to time.

How do I battle stress then? I make sure to get at least once a week body massage. But let's face it, body massage can be quite expensive. Earlier today at The Luxe Lounge in Ayala Mall Marikina, I experienced a luxurious massage for thirty minutes that does require to take the clothes off. If you are the kind of person who prefers to be massaged without undressing, being being touched by a stranger, The Luxe Lounge is perfect for you. You only have to follow three rules, namely, put on the in-house foot socks for hygiene purposes, lower the voice and relax.

The Luxe Lounge is owned by Ms. Marivic Fajardo and her friend Elmie Cadungog. It started a few years ago when Ms. Marivic developed allergies and chronic stress. She found it difficult to focus on her job and was very close to a nervous breakdown. She prayed hard enough and God answered her prayers. It was her personal battle with stress that made her decide to put up The Luxe Lounge.

Born out of the need to relax, renew and refresh, The Luxe Lounge business is doing well. as it is embraced by people from all walks of life ― men, women, young professionals, students and a wide age bracket from kids to retirees.

What to like at The Luxe Lounge?

1. Affordable. For a minimum fee of P20, customers can enjoy six minutes of bliss in the massage chair and have their arms, necks, feet, and back massaged. P40 for 12 minutes; 30 minutes is priced at P100 and for one hour, P200. You may stay up to two hours for only P400.

2. Top-of-the-line massage chair that speaks COMFORT.

3. Relaxing, airy, clean and nice smelling place. They also provided chairs and round tables that allows customers to sit for a while before or after getting a massage.

4. Relaxing music that lulls a client to sleep.

5. Free use of comfortable blanket.

6.  Customers who avail of a minimum of 30 minutes of massage will get a cup of Japanese tea for free, though they have to shell out P10 for the foot socks as they are not allowed to wear shoes while seated on the massage chair.

7. Unlike other massage chairs that are exposed for everyone to see since they are usually placed in crowded and noisy places, The Luxe Lounge in located in a quiet and private area of the mall with staff to help out the customers.

The Luxe Lounge is at the ground floor of the Ayala Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan, Brgy. Marikina Heights, Marikina City. For more about it, please check out its Facebook page -

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