April 23, 2019

Benefits of Playing Bowling

I was about ten years old when I first played bowling. I remember I was actually at the bowling lane only because I had to chaperone my eldest sister. My two eldest sisters were not allowed to go on date alone. So there, I was the official "bantay" or bodyguard for them. They had no choice but to let me play as well.

After that I got to play bowling again in 2001 for Medicard's Marketing Dept Bowling Tournament, sponsored by Sir Voltz, where I won second place. 

Do I still have my mojo? Nope. I was just lucky to win before. This time, it was pure fun and laughter playing with our GPTA President Mam Beth,  her husband Sir Rudy and their children; Ma'am Sheila, Ma'am Carz, Luchi and my boyfriend forever, John.

Thanks Ma'am Beth for this treat!

Bowling is a wonderful sport for all ages, and is a low-risk activity for injuries. This sport has many benefits, including strengthening of muscles in arms, shoulders, and wrists, and parts of the lower body. It also improves flexibility and balance as it uses lunging, twisting, and stretching motions that can improve flexibility over time.  What's best is once you play bowling you lose150-300 calories in an hour.

Be sure to stretch and choose a ball weight that you can handle to avoid injuries.

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