May 21, 2019

Bean Box with Vicky

I saw Vicky's post in FB wearing a Hanbok and I thought she was in Korea. She told me the photos were taken at Bean Box and asked me to visit it. Actually many of my friends have invited me to visit Bean Box in the past when it opened a few years ago but I was too busy. Now that it's summer both Vicky and I have free time so we decided to have our post Mother's Day celebration in this place.

We only had Clubhouse Sandwich and an aloe vera drink, which we had to go since we both had lunch earlier at separately.

The place is kawaii, very cute and instagrammable. Hanbok is free to wear but they require diners to order first and pay. One order per person is a MUST. You will all be asked to provide a valid identification card.

For those persons with difficulty walking, you might find it hard to reach the place since they are located on the fourth floor. No escalators nor elevators available within the building.

I can't say anything about the food since the sandwich was already soggy when it reached home. Maybe on our next visit, I will do a review on the menu and pricing.

Special thanks to Josh for helping us with photos and vids. Meantime, please do enjoy Vicky and my kalokohan for this video. We are moms just havin' fun. Ang mahal ng rent ng Hanbok sa Korea, at least at Bean Box free, bibili ka lang nga muna ng food nila😀

Address: 461 Barangka, Mandaluyong City
Phone: 0915 490 2430

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