June 6, 2019

Boxing Session with Coach Arnel Antipuesto at Cafe Lupe

I get heavier, bigger, fatter every time we travel because all I do is eat, blog, eat, vlog, eat, sleep a little, eat, repeat.  This time for my Health and Fitness 2019 Goals, I'm including a visit to the hotel's gym to do at least an hour of workout.

Starting it with a Boxing Session with Coach Arnel Antipuesto at Cafe Lupe. This is my first time to join a boxing gym although I like this sport ever since I was 6 years old. I remember doing a match with my neighbor Neneng who is older than me. I played boxing with her probably until 10 years old when my baby breast were starting to grow.

In just three days under Coach Arnel, I learned the basic punches, leg moves and core exercise to help flatten my tummy. Thanks Coach Arnel and Hannah for assisting me!

If you're staying at OneA Hotel or dining at Cafe Lupe and Kampai, visit Coach Arnel at Elorde Boxing Gym, locted below the Cafe Lupe Restaurant.

Top Benefits of Boxing:

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health
Improved Total-Body Strength
Better Hand-Eye Coordination
Decreased Stress.
Improved Body Composition

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