June 13, 2019

Learn to Swim with Bert Lozada Swim School

I learned how to swim when I was in high school but I have always been afraid to explore the deeper part of the pool. I'd often just stay at the corner of a 5ft pool just to make sure I don't drown.

One of my bucket list is to learn how to swim confidently so each year I'd hire someone to teach me or enroll in a swim class. All of those attempts were futile. I am still afraid to even put my head under water.

Today at Ace Water Spa in Pasig, I once again, for the 100th time tried to learn to swim with Bert Lozada Swim School. How was it? I'm amazed that in just an hour my phobia slowly vanished. Thanks to Coach Elleigh, I confidently learned the basics of swimming. Will I go back? Of course, yes! 

Am I recommending Bert Lozada Swim School? A definite yes because of the following reasons:

1. Tried and Tested since 1956 

2. Fun and Safe Swimming - FUN Swimming activities using SAFE swim gear/equipment/paraphernalia 

3. BLSS Awards - 1st Place Best Swim School Picture 2009 by United States Swim School Conference - 2005 Best Swim School by Philippine Marketing Association 

4. Swimming is close to you - BLSS has over 70 venues nationwide 

5. Learning requires no age - With program from all ages 

- Swim as early as 6 months old – 85 years old 

6. Highly Skilled Coaches - Our Master Coaches undergo comprehensive formal training courses and seminars abroad. These acquired techniques are constantly updated, adapted and passed on to the entire BLSS Member-Coaches 

7. International Affiliates - United States Swim School Association, World Swimming Coaches Association, World Aquatic Babies and Children Network, World Aquatic Babies Congress, Aquatic Achievers Swim Schools and Miracle Swimming For Adults.

8. Local Affiliates - Philippine Medical Association  and Triathlon Association of the Philippines 

9. BLSS Offers PE/ Varsity - BLSS can provide and implement to all grade/year levels a curriculum for PE or Varsity Sports Program that integrate effective traditional insights with the latest sports science. 

10. BLSS Produces, trains, and mentors powerful Swim Teams - Who compete in local, regional, national and international swim competitions, sanctioned by Philippine Swimming Inc. (PSI) and whose swim standings are recognized by Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), International Olympic Committee (IOC) and FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation) 

11. BLSS Breeds Champions 

Bert Lozada Swim School Programs:

1. BABIES - 

My Baby and Me Program - 6 months to 3 years old.  An aquatic program designed to teach parents and children to be familiar with the water. Parents are taught how to help their child to be confident and happy in the water, and encourage learning through fun activities. This program will prepare your infant/toddler physically, psychologically and socially for more structured swimming lessons later in life.

LEVEL 1: Starfish (Water Explorer) Age 6 - 12 months

A pre-swimming class with the parent in the water.

LEVEL 2: Puffers (Water Familiar) Age 1 - 2.5 years

For children who are eager to participate with parent in the water.

LEVEL 3: GUPPIES (Water Safety) Age 2.6 - 4 years

Teaches children to perform basic water safety.

LEVEL 4: Penguins (Water Confident) Age 2.6 - 4 years

For children who are eager to participate with or without parent in the water.

LEVEL 5: Seals (Water Independent) Age 2.6 - 4 years

For children who are independent from parents and have more confidence in the water.


4 years old and above - Comprehensive program can teach an absolute beginner both survival skills and sound swimming skills in the four main swimming strokes. This program graduates into 6 levels as the swimmer develops his/her skills and begin to enjoy the sport more competitively

LEVEL 1: Snapper 1 Age 4 years old and above

For children who are afraid of the water or little or no swimming experience.

LEVEL 2: Snapper 2 Age 4 to 6 years old

For children ready to work without the parent or caregiver and are developing 10m Survival Swim and 10m Dog Paddle.

LEVEL 3: JAMMER 1 Age 7 years old and above

For children who are developing 15m Survival Swim and 15m Basic Freestyle

LEVEL 4: JAMMER 2 Age 7 years old and above

For children who are developing 15m Backstroke and 15m Butterfly

LEVEL 5: JAMMER 3 Age 7 years old and above For children who are developing 15m Breast Stroke and Advance freestyle mechanics

3. SWIM SQUAD - Age 5 years old and above.  A pre-competitive swim program with supervised coaching, open to individuals who can swim all four strokes (freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke).

4. ADULTS - 16 to 85 years old. Proper breathing techniques and stroke correction for adults with or without any background in swimming.


Teaches comfort in the water, confidence, and being in control: the ability to be yourself in water, whether it's shallow or deep, pool, lake, or ocean. Being able to rely on yourself—not on the bottom or the side of the pool—for your safety. shallow or deep, pool, lake, or ocean. If you’re afraid or not comfortable in the water, this is the perfect program for you!


Teaches fundamental skills like floating, arm & leg action and breathing in a stress-free, encouraging atmosphere. Focuses on survival stroke and freestyle.


Stroke drills and expert coaching allow you to develop perfect technique in breaststroke and backstroke.


Stroke drills and expert coaching allow you to develop perfect technique in advance freestyle and butterfly.


Teaches racing technique and preparation to athletes of all levels. Through specially designed workouts and proper stroke management, students will be able to swim faster with efficient technique. The program’s goal is to help you achieve a lifetime of swimming improvement. POWER TRI

This program is made for triathletes, starting or developing, to help them start, enjoy and finish their race. Program includes proper techniques in running, cycling, swimming, transitions, race strategies and nutrition. 

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