June 5, 2019

Northern Blossom Flower Farm

For our 2019 Baguio Trip, we've decided to go further in Atok, Benguet to see Northern Blossom Flower Farm. The Northern Blossom flower farm in Atok is one of the newest destinations near Baguio. With its collection of different flower varieties,  like the  “snapdragons”, this no-frills flower-and-vegetable garden boasts a panoramic view of Mt. Timbak and Mt. Pulag. This is a two hours drive from Baguio City. We've stayed for a half day.

Thanks to my tukayo Joy of Fine Image Salon for recommending this place.

Entrance fee: PhP 250 per person
(with free coffee and bread)

*Note: Price may change without prior notice.

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