June 12, 2019

Pier's Dried Fish

Have you heard about Pier's Dried Fish? I bet you haven't. I only knew about Pier's Dried Fish last week when mommy-blogger friend, Mommy Pier of The Soapbox Filipina blog, posted her business in Facebook.

Mommy Pier's husband and his family have been with the dried fish trade since way back. The dried fish they supply  have always been first class quality. But only few people know of this dried fish, since it is sold by bulk.

Mommy Pier hoped for these first class dried fish to reach the homes of mommies like me so she decided to put up Pier's Dried Fish this high quality  dried fish that sells in small packages good for household consumption.

All of the fond memories I had with my late Mama came back because of Mommy Pier's post.  Growing up as a child, I had many happy memories with my Mama specially when it comes to food. Mama loved cooking and she cooked well. One thing that reminds me so well about my mother is that she liked dried fish a lot! Our breakfast before would consist of fried rice, fried eggs, veggies and fried dried fish.

For the Philippine Independence Day, I cooked Champorado with Tuyo on the side for breakfast and  Ginisang Repolyo with dried labahita for lunch.

To order, you may contact Mommy Pier at 0917 - 8822375 or drop her a hook, line and sinker at
PIER’S Dried Fish on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/piersdriedfish//

Prices vary depending on the supply and season. As of now these are the prices:

▪️Tuyo walang kaliskis, P200/kg ( 1 kg minimum)

▪️Labahita P280 ( 1kg minimum)

▪️Besugong Bato ( minimum 1/2 kg). P550/kg

▪️Dulong (minimum 1/2 kg), P650/kg

▪️Boneless dilis ( minimum 1/2 kg), P750/kg

▪️Espada. P800/kg, P200@1/4pk

▪️Pusit. P900/kg, P225 1/4/pk

▪️Danggit, P1,200kg, P300@1/4pk

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