July 28, 2019

Mrs. PTA 2019

My journey to Mrs PTA Pageant was long that ran for 3 years.  On the first year during the GPTA Presidency of Engr. Oscar Cadag, I was asked to represent City of Mandaluyong Science High School. On the second year, under the GPTA Presidency of Sir Levy Cabeliza, I was asked again. On the third year, under Ma'am Beth Servito, I was considered again. On three occasions, I declined.

On the third year, we were able to finally have a representative, unfortunately she had pressing matters to attend. After carefully assessing my feelings, I messaged Ma'am Beth that I am ready to join to bring glory and honor to our beloved MandSci.

I took over and had less than a month to prepare for everything. The hardest part was collecting recyclable materials so I would like to thank all the parents, teachers and friends who contributed and sent their help. Special mention goes to Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie and Egen Coronado, Sir Francis Dela Paz, current GPTA President, Mr. and Mrs. Bert and Maan Esteban, Sir Cobbarubias, my bebegel Fhaye, my Ate Jo Mendiola, Ms. Cor Salvador, Mr, and Mrs Nick and Majesty Barcelon, Mareng Riz Avila and her sister-in-law, Ms. Charmaine Chua, Sir Dennis Cerillo, Ms. Winnie, Ms. Jing Cello, Ma'am Lav Ressurecion, Ma'am Oben, Ate Anna Arcangel, Kuya Miyo and Kenneth.  I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. Madali naman i-edit in case may nalimutan ako😁.

I also had a hard time with advertisement sponsorship. Gratitude  goes to Marra and Co., GPTA 2018-2019, under the good governance of Ma'am Beth,  Ma'am Thess Ferrolino and Minute Burger, Capt. Ronan and Mrs. Velasquez, Engr. Cielo Panesa-Paldez and family, Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Amy Eugenio of AVJM Trucking, Ma'am Loui Fermiza, Sister Grace Manlapig and FilCrafters, Inc., Mr, and Mrs. Isagani and Brigitte Mauleon, Dienamik Tool Services c/o Mr. Jesus Celis, Aero Direct Enterprises and Aeroman Trading c/o Ms. Riza Avila. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. Madali naman i-edit in case may nalimutan ako😁

For my hair and make-up, gratitude to Oskee Cabeltis and Gray Alvarez of Oskee Cabeltis Salon.

If there's anyone who 100% cheered for me from day one to coronation, it's Ma'am Beth Servito. Thank you Ma'am!

I'd like to thank our dear Principal, Sir Erick Mendiola (not related by blood, but cousins by virtue of respect) for fully supporting me on this pageant.

Last but certainly the most important person, my husband, John, for being patient and understanding. And for cooking and cleaning the house while I practice, do yoga, and collect kalakals.

Of course I will not forget to thank those who cheered during the Coronation Night of Mrs. PTA 2019. First on the list is my friend Mamu Agnes and her daughter Nisha. They even printed tarpaulins with my name on it! My children, Akky, Nicole and Maxine, Sir Francis Dela Paz, Ma'am Lai, Sir Bert, Maan, Ma'am Jewel, Ma'am Chona, Mr. and Mrs. Calumpad, my beloved Mommies from former 10 Curie - Neng, Loui, Emz and Carms, Ms. Carz, Bebegel Fhaye, Sir Kojack, Ma'am Juliet.  And most importantly my Kumareng Riz for assisting me the whole night even if it was a short notice. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. Madali naman i-edit in case may nalimutan ako😁.

I am not comfortable joining contests like this because I lack the height, I do not to wear swimsuit, I walk like a caveman, and I don't have any talent.

I am sharing below the shorter version of Mrs. PTA 2019 Coronation Night. Please lang wag nyo po pagtawanan ang talent ko, as I have said wala akong talent I did a combination of ballet (kuno), interpretative dance and yoga. Hayaan nyo na po if hindi maganda ang performance ko, importante I brought home Best in Evening Gown, Mrs. Q and A, and was crowned Mrs. PTA 2019!

"Being the Queen is not all about singing, 
and being a diva is not all about singing. 
It has much to do with your service to people. 
And your social contributions to your community 
and your civic contributions as well." 
- Aretha Franklin

July 18, 2019


I've been thinking of so many things lately since I just turned 46 last July 12. Things like all the activities I want to accomplish, the legacy I want to leave to my family and society. It's great that I was able to join the Bucket List Summit PressCon at Legend Villas.


'YOLO’ – you have certainly heard it several times or even came across this acronym as a hashtag on a friend’s post in the social media. A tickle in your curiosity, have you ever asked yourself what YOLO really means? YOLO is the acronym of ‘You Only Live Once’ which was popularized by a renowned rapper in one of his songs. But there is certainly a more profound meaning in ‘YOLO’.
Given the frailty and brevity of human life, anything can happen to you at any point in your life. Set your mind that every day is a miracle and that you only live once so why not make the most out of it? It is always a yes to do the things you most loved and savor each moment like it is the last. Regardless of your age, social status, condition, and circumstances, it is never too late to prepare yourself to live your life only once. To start, you can create your own Bucket List.
Have you ever watched the movie ‘The Bucket List’? Played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, it is about two strangers, one a billionaire and one a mechanic, who were brought with the news that they have reached the terminal stage of their life. Realizing that they have little time left to complete the things they have to do and to be reconciled to the ones they love, they decided to make a Bucket List – it is a list of things that they want to do before they die. They eventually set out into the world against their doctor’s medical advice and took on their adventure of a lifetime. This movie provides an accurate mental picture of how short the human life can be regardless of your social standing and how you can never be able to turn back the time to change the past.
Since the release of this movie, the term 'Bucket List' is now being generally used by people from all around the world to mean that you only live once so do everything you can possibly do given a limited amount of time. Many people have seriously considered YOLO as a way of living and they even created their own Bucket List. Some set out for the thrill of an adventure, some traveled to their dream destination, some would still start school at a later age, some would prefer doing things right the first time every time, some would always choose to do what they always wanted to regardless of the social stigma and taboos.
Isn't it fulfilling to create a Bucket List and see how each item on your list is progressively being achieved? Have you ever considered creating your own Bucket List because ‘YOLO’? 

With that said, I am encouraging you to join Bucket List Summit, a platform that brings together leaders, speakers, thinkers, and experts who can help you be prepared emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially towards a life well-lived. 
The summit will be held on October 19-20, 2019 at the SMX Aura where renowned speakers will talk about the value and appreciation of life, financial wellness, spiritual enlightenment, physical challenges and its related solutions, psychological interventions, death and life, and more. 
Everybody deserves a quality life. Participate in this event now and know more about how you can live your life only once but to the fullest.  For more information, please call Happy Events at (02) 637-9084 or email us at happyeventsbydeegee@gmail.com.

July 16, 2019

Lifetime Free Gas, Oh My Gas Promo.

SEAOIL, the leading independent fuel provider in the Philippines, will be giving away a lifetime supply of free gas to 4 lucky motorists starting this July. The “Lifetime Free Gas, Oh My Gas!” promo, which continues to be the only one of its kind in the world, makes a comeback on its third year.  SEAOIL customers can also expect to win over 100,000 instant prizes through peel-off cards. A total of half a million worth of SEAOIL gift cards will be raffled off in monthly draws. To qualify, a customer must gas up at least P500 worth of Extreme 97, Extreme 95, Extreme U, Extreme Diesel fuels and/or SEAOIL Lubricants at any SEAOIL station nationwide. Customers can double their chances of winning if they register at www.lifetimefreegas.com. The “Oh My Gas!” promo runs from July 18 to October 18, 2019. Winners of this year’s promo will be determined via electronic monthly draws in August, September, and November, and a drop box raffle draw in November.

The winners of the promo from the past two years came from different walks of life. Last year’s winners include Michael Sulit of Caloocan City, a SEAOIL user since buying his own car, is the youngest winner at 24 years old and the “bunso” in the family. He uses his free fuel for field work and trips with family and friends and shares it with his siblings who have families of their own.
Ernie Linarez is a TNVS operator and driver from Rizal. His monthly fuel savings help pay for his car loan. He is a SEAOIL Believer for years, and his trust and support for the brand paid off when he was drawn as last year’s first winner.
Joel Dinque, an entrepreneur from North Cotabato is able to provide more for his family, thanks to his fuel savings. As an owner of an auto repair shop, he endorses SEAOIL to his customers because he is a firm believer of their products.
Jidy Detuya, a jeepney driver from Agusan del Norte, shares that it was one of his kids who convinced him to gas up at SEAOIL and try his luck at winning free gas. He was skeptical of SEAOIL’s fuels at first but now he endorses it to his relatives and fellow churchgoers.