November 30, 2019

UNIQLO x Marimekko

UNIQLO, a Japanese global apparel retailer, had an advance shopping event for the media two days ago at UNIQLO Glorietta 5 Branch for their collaboration and limited edition collection with Marimekko.

Happy to have been invited to this event and tried most of the  bold prints and vibrant colors on outerwear, knitwear, dresses, t-shirts, and more!

Check out the highlights from the UNIQLO x Marimekko launch event! The collection featured #UniqloxMarimekko #UNIQLOPH.

View the full collection here:

November 29, 2019

UNICEF offers Basket of Hope for Christmas

In the spirit of the Christmas season, UNICEF Philippines recently launched Basket of Hope – an online campaign to give meaningful gifts to help children in need.

Said campaign enables people to give something different this Christmas while supporting a cause. 

For every donation of P500 to the UNICEF Basket of Hope, an individual can help provide children with treatments for malnutrition, or education supplies, or access to clean water and hygiene essentials. The donation will go directly to children most urgently in need at the time of giving. 

For education, a basket can provide backpacks and school supplies. For health, children will be given life-saving treatment and ready-to-eat therapeutic food packs. For water, sanitation, and hygiene, children will get access to clean water and hygiene supplies during emergencies. 

The UNICEF Basket of Hope campaign is led by UNICEF’s three Goodwill Ambassadors Gary Valenciano, Daphne Oseña-Paez, and Anne Curtis, and with the support of other celebrities and influencers. 

To know more about the Basket of Hope and to make a donation, visit  

Sheryl Polancos

I am one proud Filipina knowing that a kababayan made it in New Yourk! She's no other than Ms. Sheryl Polancos, A Stage Manager in the famous city.

From the streets of Manila to Broadway in New York where a lot of Filipino talents have thrived and succeeded in theater, one have dreamt of being in the scene and making things happen at the backstage. Unsung heroes as some people may call it but stage managers like Sheryl Polancos have proven that there is no mean feat when it comes to making magic happen on stage and off stage. It’s not only making sure that the audience gets to see the show perfectly as there are no take twos in theater. But what creates an adrenaline rush is what happens backstage to make sure that what they have painstakingly prepared for will run impeccably smooth. The pre-production phases are a different ball game altogether from material to casting to set design, among others. The stage manager gets to be involved in a lot of those things. There was even a time when one of her cast members fell ill and had to rehearse the replacement as quickly as they should.  


Now the resident stage manager for New Stages in New York’s longest running Tony Award-winning Broadway sensation Jersey Boys., she says theater production in the Philippines has helped hone her craft. Having worked with the Lea Salonga, she takes professionalism to heart and has continued to be more passionate about her job. As the old adage says, find a job that makes you happy and would not make you feel like you are working every single day of your life. She says she is lucky to have been working with the best and brightest for the last ten years. Each person she has met left an indelible mark and words of wisdom that she lives up to. 

Growing up, she has always been involved with drama, dance and art. Her university days at the University of Santo Tomas has proven her mettle as she fell in love with theater through Faculty of Arts and Letters’ Artistang Artlets. After graduation, she realized theater is her life and moved on from production to stage management where there is more paperwork aside from being too involved in mounting a production. Now she sees the world at the Big Apple where she is like a sponge and gets to meet other stage managers like Cristina Sison from Juilliard, Rachel Gross of Soho Rep, Melanie Lisby and Annie Gilbert aside from having worked under the tutelage of Tanghalang Pilipino’s former Artistic Director Herbert Go. 

“As a stage manager, it has always been my goal to strive for perfection and to run the show smoothly and keep its integrity. Once a show opens, there’s always a sense of pride and fulfillment in knowing that I played a big part in making the show come to life.” Each theater production has a story to tell and with it goes a long Sheryl’s story as she expands her horizon in the city that never sleeps. 

Catch Jersey Boys, the 12th longest running show in Broadway history that won over 50 major awards worldwide including London’s Olivier Award and Australia’s Helpmann. The show features legendary hits such as “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “ Walk Like A Man” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”.

November 28, 2019

Tia Belle's Tagaytay

Coming from Manila, just a few meters away to Tagaytay, you will find on the right side a homey and an unpretentious place called Tia Belle's. We used to just passed by this restaurant because we are always in a hurry to reach Tagaytay or go back to Manila. Thanks to Ruby for introducing Tia Belle because we now have another reason to frequent Silang, Cavite, aside from hunting for furniture, garden accessories and plants.

 If you crave for authentic Filipino-homecooked meals, this is a place to be. Truly a taste of home!

Their chicken, MANOK SA PUGARAN at P499, tastes so good! It is baked to perfection with lots of herbs that made the chicken savory. Not salt is added, just natural flavors and spices.

I have tasted the best sinaing na tulingan sa gata at a convent, Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate in Batangas, I have to say  Tia Belle's SINAING NA TULINGAN SA GATA at P475 is arguably comparable.

Being a lumpia lover, LUMPIYANG PINOY at P225 is not your regular lumpia, you've  got to taste it to believe.

We also tried SIZZLING PORK SISIG at P299. This is a must try for my daughter Julia when we come back. She'll be the judge as we call her Sisig Princess.

For dessert, we had suman and cacao.  I am not a fan of both but I enjoyed them because they're not that sweet! Suman is soft yet still chewy. Cacao is very creamy I almost drank my husband's share😀

I don't need to say anything about their Pancit Malabon and Pichi Pichi because these two are the reasons why Tia Belle's is known.

I loved that they play Kundiman and other old Filipino songs as their way of preserving the country's culture and traditions.

As a strict client when it comes to customer service, I must say this restaurant passed our standards! The owner, Tia Belle herself is mostly present taking care of everything, including talking to customers.

Before heading towards your destination, be sure to visit Tia Belle's Pasalubong Section where you can try and buy essential oils that will surely relax, soothe  or energize your senses

Address: High Land Bldg, Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Silang, Cavite
 Operating Hours: 9am–9:30pm
Phone: (049) 576 4155


November 27, 2019

Hotel Georgina

John and I frequent Tagaytay to escape the noise of the metro. But let's face it, doing it over and over  loses its fun. This time we've explored Amadeo, Cavite in search for  a good cup of coffee.

We stayed in Hotel Georgina, which is actually very near Tagaytay. Sky Ranch Amusement Park is just 6 km away, and 10 km from scenic views at People’s Park in the Sky.  This hotel is just  2 km from the nearest bus stop so no hassle for those taking the public transport.

What to like in Hotel Georgina? It is set in a safe compound with lots of plants and trees. The atmosphere is laid-back so this is the best place to stay if you want to recharge and find balance. John was able to sleep well and that made me happy!

The rooms are clean and spacious enough to move easily even if we carried so many stuff. Flat-screen TV is provided. The restroom is super cute in bright color and hot and cold shower.

Wi-Fi is provided, though the connection in the room  where we stayed is not strong enough. The good thing about that is I was able to sleep early because it kept me away from connecting to social media.

For dinner, we ordered pancit miki bihon (which I like a lot!) and clubhouse. For breakfast, we had American at P150. I ordered spam while John had ham. The 2 slices of  spam and a slice of ham were too thin though. We also ordered tapa but we just had it to go because we were in a hurry to beat the traffic. Their brewed coffee is so good!

The staff are wonderful! Special mention goes to Zarah who answered all my queries well. She even gave me a tour of the place.

The outdoor pool is a relaxing sight. I'm sure kids will enjoy swimming. They even have an events place for weddings, debut and other functions.

Overall, do I recommend Hotel Georgina? Yes, yes, yes! The  rates are affordable, the place is clean, 
and people are warm.

 Watch the vlog I made, who knows this might be the place you've been looking for.

Address: Buho-Talon Rd, Amadeo, Cavite
Phone: 0939 925 8704

November 26, 2019

Essence of Cleopatra and Tia's Aromatherapy Oils

I am a very strong person with high tolerance to pain, except when I have monthly period. Dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps caused by uterine contractions is  a condition I cannot tolerate. I usually just stay home when during that time.  Unfortunately though, I felt the cramps just when we were about to eat at Tia Belle's.

The angels in heaven were very kind to me that day because Tia Belle's have a Pasalubong Center that carries The Essence of Cleopatra and Tia's Aromatherapy Oils. The owners Tina Wise Gamutan and husband Rey, introduced the products to us. Tina even mixed 3 kinds of oils in an inhaler for me. I felt relieved immediately after inhaling.

If you happen to dine at Tia Belle's, be sure to visit their Pasalubong Center and check out those oils.

Address: High Land Bldg, Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Silang, Cavite

 Operating Hours: 9am–9:30pm

Phone: (049) 576 4155


November 25, 2019

Stations of Joy with Ate Lou

Bata pa lang ako, lakwatsera na talaga ako. I like visiting my friends. Kaya madalas napapalo ako ng Papa at Lola ko noon😁. Hindi ko na mababago pa ang sarili ko, masarap magliwaliw lalo na sa mga lugar na mapuno.

I do this thing called Stations of Joy, where I visit friends na malapit where John and I travel. For this week, we did Stations of Joy with Ate Lou.

Ate Lou and I met in an orphanage where she and her daughter Mara were volunteers. I had my first ever outreach activity for this blog in that orphanage. We've been friends ever since, 10 years to be exact!

“A real friend is one who walks in
 when the rest of the world walks out.”
– Walter Winchell

November 24, 2019

Ambit Mendoza Untitled

Happy to have made it to the Grand Opening of Ambit Mendoza's First Solo Show, entitled "UNTITLED".

Part of the show is a meet and greet with bonsai artists and preview of their bonsai collection.

UNTITLED will run from today until Dec. 4, 2019 at Galerie Y, Art Walk, Level 4, Bldg A, SM Megamall.

November 23, 2019

My First Solo Trip in Baguio

I was twenty 23  when I first sat foot in Baguio with John. Since then The City of Pine has been our go to place whenever we want to escape the noise of the metro. At 46, finally I  did my first solo trip in Baguio!

It is also my first time to ride Joy Bus Premier.  Check out my review of this public transport service.

Day 1: Left Cubao at 1am. Arrived Baguio at 5am. Just a 4 hour travel! I ate lugaw with egg and tokwa at P105 at the station. Kape at P12, Puto/kutsinta P40, Pansit at Mamitas P210. Grapes 100. Toiletries = 100, Coffee = 80

At Teacher's Camp I met Coach Benjie Navarro of Mapua, formerly from La Salle. He even gave me a DLSU shirt!

Day 2: 
Grumpy JoeSeafood Marinara 250
Grumpy Joe Special 190
Taxi to PMA 185
Taxi PMA to John Hay 150
Entrance 48 ( discounted from 75 because of renovation
Taxi from John Hay to Teachers Camp 135

Bell House is named after General J Franklin Bell, the Bell House used to be the official vacation residence of the Commanding General of the Philippines. Today, it has been transformed into a museum that exemplifies American colonial architecture. Outside is an amphitheater that also serves as a manicured garden.

Day 3
Brunch at Grandmas 480
French Baker 445
Taxi from Teachers Camp to Joy Bus Station 135

November 22, 2019

Joy Bus Premier Review

I travel to Baguio at least twice a year with my family and friends by car. Over the past few years,  I've been contemplating to go to Baguio City alone via public transport for a me time to contemplate and re-focus my chakra.

Finally I am able to cross out this bucket list by riding Joy Bus Premier. What used to be a worry of an eight-hour drive holding my pee is not an issue anymore. I left Cubao around 1am and reached Baguio by 5am! The quality of the journey using a public bus has vastly improved! The trip was shortened to 4 hours with TPLEX and no stopping for snack and nature call rule of Joy Bus Premier.

My experience onboard this new bus (new to me because it's my first time) are a lot more pleasant than I imagined it to be. I like that the bus has strong free wi-fi because I got to my unfisnished articles.  This Premier Bus is a 28-seater executive coach with wide legroom, restroom, free snack and bottled water. Each seat is provided with USB ports and a personal entertainment device (more like an ipad). I super like that they provided a clean blanket to be used while onboard.

At P740 Fare, I'm highly recommending Joy Bus Premier! I just hope they can improve the restrooms at the bus station and hoping that the waiting area will soon be airconditioned for a more comfortable waiting time.

Booking online is as easy as 1-2-3- but if you plan to travel in big groups I suggest you visit them in advance in the bus station to secure enough seats for everyone.

I got too excited with this trip I was not able to record my trip from Cubao to Baguio. Anyways, I made sure to document my way back to Manila, Manila (I'm singing, lol) Cubao.

For more infos visit

November 19, 2019

Bayview Park Hotel's Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Having no sleep coming from a three-day freelance work in Baguio last weekend til Monday, I won't miss this opportunity to witness Bayview Park Hotel's Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, now on its 4th Year.

Bayview Park Hotel's General Manager, Atty. Eugene Yap welcomed guests, media, and friends, along with representatives from the Mayor's Office of the City of Manila.

The amazing kids from Timoteo Paez Elementary School Rondalla Group showcased their talent. As we all know, Bayview always makes it a point to have children as part of their most important holiday celebrations, and this year is no exception. 

The special focus for this year is the Bayview “Divas” as they serenade guests with their angelic voices every morning without fail until Christmas Eve. 

This years theme is all about reindeers with red and silver colors for Christmas.  Decors and look evoke all the happy holidays that we all like to celebrate the whole year round. 

Address: 1118 Roxas Boulevard, corner United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 8526 1555

November 18, 2019

Animal Print Jacket

Honestly, there's no better shortcut to looking cool than by throwing an animal print blouses and tops! A leopard coat or top is part rock and roll, part uptown glam, and totally fierce!

For Bayview Hotel's Christmas Tree Lighting, I opted to wear a baby pink satin dress and covered it with short sleeved-baby pink animal print jaceket for a failsafe options.

Generally, neutral colours such as black, brown and rust are the best to wear with leopard print, while black are white are both  Embrace key trends with women's animal print clothing, footwear and accessories.

November 15, 2019

Hit Girl

Here is something that made my day today, seeing this article from an old newspaper from 9 years ago where I joined a cosplay contest at Powerbooks.

I came in as Hit Girl. I won ten thousand worth of books of my choice for being the  grand winner! Tinalo ko dyan mga professional cosplayers! 

This was my guide, a Hit Girl photo I printed from the internet. 
Brought it while sourced ukay ukay stores for the nearest possible costume. 
I hand sewn everything because I do not know how to use sewing machine.

November 14, 2019

Festive Holidays at The BayView Park Hotel Manila

Make your Christmas and New Year's Eve Festive by availing a Superior Room for only Php 5,999 net or a De Luxe Room for only Php 6,999 net per room/night. Inclusions are overnight accommodation for two, Dinner, buffet breakfast and late check out until 3pm. This offer is valid for December 24 and 31 stays only.

Enjoy a variety of flavours with All You Can Eat for only P999 per person. This available on 
 Christmas and New Year's Eve, December 24 and 31, from 6pm to 10pm, December 25 10am to pm.

Below are rates/pacakage for groups or company parties

For more details call (632) 8526-1555 or email

November 13, 2019

November 12, 2019

Vampire Facial Treatment at Aesthetic and Wellness Center at St Patrick's

Last August I had the opportunity to try Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or commonly known as Vampire Facial Treatment at Aesthetic and Wellness Center at St Patrick's Clinic under the special care of Dr. Jojie Corpuz Oreta.

Vampire facial is a trendy skin care treatment that involves drawing blood from a client's body, placing it in a centrifuge, then reapplying it to the face, to promote cell renewal.  Vampire Facial is a facial rejuvenation treatment that uses your own plasma to stimulate collagen production and cell migration, allowing for the elimination of lines, folds, and wrinkles.

Here are some question I asked Dr. Jojie:

Is PRP risky?

PRP has low risk but you have to identify those providers who are licensed and so who have demonstrated an understanding of the best way to optimize results and minimize risks. Make sure you go to a trusted skin clinic and the procedure must be performed by a dermatologist.

Since the procedure involves a device that punctures the skin (microneedling), the procedure can spread disease if done improperly. 

Is Vampire Facial permanent?

Results from PRP therapy are natural looking and subtle, and they can last for as long as two years.
Improves skin clarity, brightens up dull skin, hydrating and prevents premature aging skin.

How long does vampire facial last?
Since skin renewal and rejuvenation is using the body's own active regeneration components, facial skin renewal is continual for about 3 months after the procedure. The overall effects of the Vampire Facelift® can last for over a year.

How much does vampire facial cost?

Vampire Facial cost can vary from one clinic to another, practitioner to practitioner. Cost may range from P15,000 to P30,000 per treatment.

Does vampire facial hurt?
While Vampire Facials sound scary, it's not that painful. Well, it still depend on the pain tolerance of the client. Most patients find microneedling very tolerable, generally because dermatologists apply a topical numbing cream or anesthesia to the area before treatment. When a comfort cream or numbing agent is applied, there is almost no sensation during the treatment. Microneedling devices use tiny needles.

What does a vampire facial do for your skin?
Vampire facials don't actually involve ingesting blood. The resulting liquid is called platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. The plasma contains protein and other nutrients that are supposed to help stimulate skin cell growth and collagen.

Can I wear makeup after facial?

Post-facial rules can be dependent on your skin sensitivity and the intensity of the facial. The answer is yes, technically, but I encourage clients to give their skin a treat like a week of no make-up thereby giving it a chance to breathe and soak up the effects of the treatment.

Can I wash my face after Microneedling?

After Microneedling Treatment best is not to wash to absorb the effects of the treatment. Your skin may feel warm and tight and look red for one to three days. During this period, use a delicate cleanser and moisturizer, and apply 1% hydrocortisone cream as needed to soothe skin irritation.

How long is face red after Microneedling?

Typically you will experience redness and mild swelling for 3 days. within 2 weeks, marks have already gone giving a more flawless skin.

Is PRP better than Botox?

The primary advantage of PRP over Botox is that treatment is virtually risk-free. Because PRP works with the patient's own healing processes and produces a natural effect, cosmetic PRP rejuvenation really delivers. ... PRP also circumvents all the visible side effects of Botox such as frozen face and eyelid drooping.

How long does it take for PRP to work on face?

It takes 30 days for the new collagen to regenerate itself. This process takes time for your skin will revitalize itself. The PRP treatment usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour, though this can vary according to how many treatment areas you need addressed.

Is vampire facial good for acne scars?
Although microneedling can be used to treat scars and stretch marks on other areas of the body, most studies with PRP and scars seem to be focused on treatment of the face.

Watch my second Second session of Vampire Facial Treatment below

So do I recommend this PRP or Vampire Facial Treatment at Aesthetic and Wellness Center at St Patrick's? Yes, I definitely recommend them. My age spots has definitely lighten and my lines at the forehead too.

The clinic can easily be found at 566 Shaw Boulevard Corner Samat Street, Mandaluyong.  Call Phone: (02) 8533 9219  to make an appointment with Dr. Jojie.

November 11, 2019

Adore Facial Treatment Review

Malou and I were batch mates in elementary and we live in the same barangay but we were not close before. We started being close just last year after we met in Hong Kong where she works.

Last May of this year John and I went on a vacation in Hong Kong and Macau so we made sure to meet Malou again. Malou is so generous for helping us around HK. She even treated us for a China tour to see the Glass Bridge.

To return our gratitude, I treated Malou for a luxurious facial treatment at Adore, located at Level 2, Shangri-La Plaza - Main Wing, when she went back to the Philippines for a quick 2 week vacation.

This is not sponsored. I paid for the services rendered so this is my Adore Facial Treatment Review:

1. The store features a big, clean and well lit beauty bar layout offering a spa like experience where customers have a chance to try Adore Cosmetics products and see actual results within minutes.

2. The staff were very courteous, knowleagable of their products and gave  a lot of tips on the importance of self-care but  I find that they were hard selling which is kind of really annoying.

3.  In terms of the price, the facial treatment we had is not for everyone because they are way higher than most of the facial clinics I've tried.

4.  I like Adore Cosmetics products because they are based on stem cells of organic apples harvested in Switzerland enabling stem cells to self-regenerate while slowing down the aging process. They also use ingredients like Vitamin C, JOJOBA and Soybeans help us create a proactive recipe that provides instant brightening and revitalization to your skin.

Do I recommend Adore Facial Treatment? Yes why not. if you have enough moolah to spend, go ahead and indulge!

November 10, 2019

Shang’s Sparkle

Sparkle’s second day is all about being the life of the party. From reunions to New Year’s Eve, choose outfits that will never make one under dressed. 

Joyful to be seated beside Congressman Alfred Vargas and wife Yasmine. Their two daughters were among the models of the event.

Take a page from history and get inspired by the 80s nightclub ensemble. Incorporate glitter and exaggerated shoulder pads to an outfit to bring out that 80s glam girl! 

It may be a summer staple, but denims are still all the rage this season. But for a party-ready outfit, go head-to-toe denim that gives a nod to Britney Spears’s iconic VMAs dress. 

Tuxedo is also having a couture renaissance this year, taking different shapes like exaggerated sleeve detailing and sculpted shoulders rendered in metallic finishes—perfect for ringing in the new year. 

Stay warm while still looking runway-ready by mixing and matching clothes in various textures and prints. It’s a style for bravehearts who want to make an impression right away. 

Shang also shares trends specifically for men to add some variety to their wardrobe and refresh their looks for the season. 

Get on board with the skin suit trend by ditching the roll neck sweater or the collared shirt and just cover up with the suit jacket pronto. 

Go grunge with tattered sweaters, think of wools peppered with holes or torn up and shredded in varying styles. Then, pair it up with timeless leather for that ultimate bad boy vibe. 

Who says grandma prints are only for women? Men can also borrow grandma’s style and work those prairie chicprints and patterns translated into menswear. 

For those who’d rather stick to the basics, pick a monochromatic outfit in neutrals like beige, off white, or gray that exude quiet confidence. These colors can easily break the monotony of blacks expected at galas and formal events this season. 

Shop for all the travel wear essentials at Anne Klein, Armani Exchange, Bayo, CK Jeans, CLN, Debenhams, Gap, Great Kids, Joe Fresh, Just G, Marks & Spencer, Old Navy, Onitsuka Tiger, Periwinkle, Pink Manila, RAF by Plains & Prints, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rustan’s, Samsonite, Steve Madden, Styled, The Flower Collection, and True Religion. 

Brace for the party season by getting holiday looks from CLN, Debenhams, Details, Evernew, John Herrera, K & Company, Mango, Marks & Spencer, Mico, Plains & Prints, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rustan’s, Samsonite, Sky Castle, Steve Madden, Stradivarius, Styled, T.M. Lewin, Unica, Viceversa, Weave, and Zara. 

November 9, 2019

ERA PP-R Piping System

I have limited idea about pipes because it is my husband who takes care of such things. It is indeed a productive day after meeting Mr. Jerwin Leung - President and GM of Parklane Commercial Corp. and Ms. Irene Huang - Regional Manager (Asia Market) Yonggao Co. ltd as they talked about ERA PP-R piping system. I can now honestly say, I will be able to contribute ideas onwhat brand of pipes to use should we build our resthouses in Antipolo and Tagaytay Highlands.

ERA PP-R pipes are considered the future of piping systems because of their many advantages over traditional PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or blue pipes that are often used in plumbing.

Compared to PVC pipes that can be affected by heat and decompose over time, ERA PP-R pipes are versatile and can be used in any climate.

Made of 100% polypropylene random copolymer resins imported from Japan and Korea, this non-toxic piping system is durable, rust- and corrosion-free, easy to install, and can last for 50 years or more.

ERA PP-R pipes are also leak-free since they are fuse-welded unlike PVC pipes that are held together by solvent glue and may leak over time. The joints of PVC pipes can’t be separated and have to be cut or replaced when problems arise.

Since they can be used for hot and cold water systems, ERA PP-R pipes are recommended for hospitals and food establishments. Owing to their strength and resistance to high temperatures, they are ideal for central heating systems, air conditioning systems, potable water supply systems, industrial pipingsystems, and agricultural irrigation.

About Yonggao Co. Ltd.

Yonggao Co. Ltd. Has been in business since 1993 and is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic valves and fittings in China. It has more than 3,250 employees and its products can be found in
146 countries.

The company is ISO-certified and follows strict quality control measures to deliver high-class products that meet international standards.

About Parklane Commercial Corporation

Yongao’s tough ERA PP-R pipes are one of the many products distributed in the Philippines by Parklane to bring world-class construction materials at a reasonable cost to local contractors, retailers, and end users, and create more employment opportunities for Filipinos.

With years of experience in the industry, Parklane constantly updates its product lines based on international standards to maintain the quality of its many brands. In dealing with customers, Parklane’s core values are honesty, integrity, respect, and passion. 

For more information on the ERA PP-R piping systems, go to, or email 

November 8, 2019

Shang’s Sparkle

#FeelTheShangVibe and make every ensemble this season a joy to put together and show off. Get ready for this season of merriment by stealing the looks at Shangri-La Plaza’s Sparkle: Holiday Collection 2019. The two-day runway show introduces trends that make every traveler and party goer a head turner. 

The first day of Sparkle is filled with outfits with a jetsetter in mind. The muse loves getting away from the tropical heat to experience the crisp, cool air of autumn or the icy glow of winter. 

Look sharp without compromising comfort by packing loose tailoring—ankle-length coats and comfy slacks—into the luggage. It’s the look that keeps any holidaymaker warm without the unnecessary puff. 

Tropical colors are making it into cooler territories this season. The fashionistas are getting inspired by the endless summer in the tropics by picking turtlenecks, midi dresses, and boots in vibrant hues, dreamy pastels, and bold patterns for their holiday travels. 

Shades of fall and winter are never going out of style. Blend in with locals and the autumn backdrop by adding pink and orange or rust and merlot to the luggage. Vacationing at the Alps or Niseko? Pack outfits in white, silver, and blue for a look that’s effortlessly magical. 

Choose statement sweaters featuring logos or slogans to inject some personality to the F/W must-have that streetwear fans can easily pair with the stuff in their closet. 

Last but not the least, travelers are reminded to pack metallics, glitter, and faux fur in their luggage for any last-minute party invites wherever they’re headed. 

November 7, 2019


Monga, popular Taiwanese style fried chicken and milk tea, is now in Manila! It is the first ever branch in the Philippines, located at the Lower Ground Level of SM Megamall.

I'm joyful to meet in person the owner, renowned Taiwanese celebrity, Nono! Nono even helped in serving the customers.

Monga's 2-inch thick fried chicken fillets marinated with honey and fried to perfection is a MUST try! I'm highly recommending you try Chee-z, The King, Hot Chick, Taiker. Pair it with Monga's Milk Tea series Black Dragon Oolong Latte and Green Dragon Matcha Latte.

Take advantage of Monga's Buy 1 Get 1 from November 6 til November for Signature Fried Chicken. and Buy 1 Get 1 for Milk Tea from Nov 12 to 18.

Like and follow Monga in Facebook (Monga Philippines) and in IG @monga.philippines

November 6, 2019

Shopee's First-Ever 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special

Just got home from Shang Fort for the Media Lunch of Shopee's First-Ever 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special starring Alden Richards, Jose Mari Chan, Julie Ann, Heart Evangelista, Gaby Garcia, Manny Pacquiao and many more.

On November 10 at 10:30 PM, Shopee will be holding its first-ever televised show, the 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special to be aired on GMA7 and Shopee Live. The star-studded show will feature performances by popular GMA stars, Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and Heart Evangelista, in an exciting live countdown to the finale of the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale on 11 November. In addition, it will also include the premiere of the latest Shopee’s jingle, exclusively composed by Jose Mari Chan for this year’s festive season. 

Key highlights of the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special

Debut of Shopee’s latest Christmas jingle: Catch a live performance of the new Shopee Christmas jingle by Jose Mari Chan, which was exclusively composed for this year’s festive season. 
Star-studded show: Watch top celebrities such as Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and Heart Evangelista perform all-time favorite Christmas songs. Also, enjoy special guest appearances by Gabbi Garcia, Lani Missalucha, Julie Anne San Jose and many more popular homegrown stars.
Over ₱11 million worth of prizes, deals, and discounts including a house and lot: Stand a chance to win exciting prizes including a Rusi Mojo 200 motorcycle, Toyota Fortuner, and a house and lot from Avida by tuning in to 3 special Shopee Shake sessions during the program.
Score amazing deals and vouchers: Enjoy amazing discounts of up to 70% from leading brands like Unilever, Pampers, Maybelline, Anker, and Perfetti van Melle during the show.

Exciting promotions, giveaways and  discounts on November 11

Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale will culminate on November 11 with exciting promotions including:

All-day sitewide free shipping with ₱0 minimum spend.
Up to 90% off deals: Score up to 90% off deals during the finale of Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, such as the Xiaomi Redmi 7 and Redmi 7A. Consumers can also get the HUG 32” LED TV LT32, and the Rapoo V600 Gamepad XB360; both available at only ₱11.
12-hour non-stop live stream: Look forward to non-stop challenges and vouchers during the exclusive 12-hour Shopee Live session from 12 noon to 12 midnight, and watch out for five iPhone 11 giveaways. 
Exciting giveaways via Shopee Shake and Shopee Catch: Stand a chance to win from a pool of 2 million Shopee coins and an iPhone 11 by playing Shopee Shake. Shopee will also be upsizing its latest Shopee Catch, with a total of 6 game sessions and a 1 million coin pool to be won. 
Exclusive deals from leading brands: Shop exclusive deals from leading brands such as Pampers, Silverworks, Bosch, Unilever, Maybelline, Olay, Pantene, Globe, Anker, Safeguard, Watsons, and Huawei. 
Special promotions from industry players: Get an additional 12% off when checking out with a Metrobank card. Also, enjoy two months’ worth of load for free when buying Cignal Ultimate Prepaid HD at only ₱2,290 during the sale.

Find out more about Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale at 

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

November 5, 2019

November 4, 2019

Nanay Fe's 83rd Birthday

Throy and I have been friends for more than three decades now but we seldom get to meet so we he invited me for Nanay Fe's 83rd Birthday I immediately said yes.

The simple celebration turned an amazing night as Nanay Fe reminisced her younger years. Her stories about my parents brought joy and tears to my eyes.

Thanks Max's Restaurant SM Novaliches for helping us with Nanay Fe's surprise birthday dinner.

November 3, 2019

Slender Sips

Last week I received a package from Sue, which contains Slender Sips Coffee and Juice. I immediately unboxed and tasted both beverages.

I like Slender Sips Coffee  a lot because it smells like a brewed coffee and it taste much like barako coffee from Batangas. Each box has 12 sachets that costs P650.

It sounds like a greeting card, but health really is a gift. Whether you want to live a healthier lifestyle yourself or want to encourage healthier habits in others, there are some steps you can take now to get and stay on the right track.

Good health isn't a right; you have to work for it. What you eat and how you conduct your life every day contributes to the type of health you will enjoy now and for years to come. The best way to start building a more healthful future is to start curtailing bad habits today. If you or someone you love smokes, is overweight or hasn't seen a doctor in a long time, you can change their future for the better and potentially even save their lives by getting them to take personal responsibility for their physical future. This can be a challenging goal, but the potential reward is worth some hassle.

Slender Sips is here to help you with that but you have to work on it too.  This is a healthy slimming coffee made from natural ingredients. No palpitations, no side effects and no sugar, just Stevia, a natural sweetener. Helps you lose weight, increase metabolism, and burn fat. It also helps reduce the appearance of cellulites.   Slender Sips is a coffee mix made from the safest and finest ingredients. Formula offers great taste and helps manage a healthy weight.

They also have  Juice Drink Mix that has Hydrolyzed Collagen, L-Carnitine, African Mangoes, Garcina Cambogia. Green Coffee, Mangosteen and ACAI Berry extracts.  Best served cold.  Drink it while working out or just anytime of the day, at least two times a day.

Order your first box today from any of our authorized distributors or call us at +63967-319-5972 for more details.

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November 2, 2019

Edge TV

Sharing here a video of my radio guesting at Edge TV with co-blogger and barefoot marathoner, Dianne. We've talked about blogging/vlogging, its perks and a lot more. 

Edge TV is at Cignal TV CH 183, Sky Direct CH 41, Sky Cable CH 33, Cable Link CH 70

November 1, 2019

Jolina Magdangal SupportsTiger Biscuit's Brand Purpose

Celebrity mom Jolina Magdangal supports the new brand purpose of Tiger Biscuit, "Developing a child's inner strength". She believes that helping shape the overall well-being of the child should start early. It can be in the way you discipline them or as simple the kind of food you serve them.

Present at the event, Celebrity host Suzi Entrata-Abrera, Celebrity mom and Tiger Biscuit KOL Jolina Magdangal-Escueta, Dr. Mary Ann Prudencio of St. Luke’s Medical Center-BGC, Kristine Enriquez and Margaret Mercado.

Tiger Biscuits by Mondelez International, the maker of Eden Cheese, is setting their record straight in making snacking right. It launched a campaign to help moms provide the important nutrients to their kids to keep them healthy even when they are away from home where full, cooked meals are served.

Through the movement  #InnerStrength, Tiger hopes to teach parents about the importance of inner strength in children and how to use it to overcome challenges in life as young as their kids are. Children are no exemptions to trials and it can be a bit difficult to make kids understand that at a young age, they can already experience hardships, most especially when they start interacting with the world by going to school. Tiger believes that the values of courage, humility, friendliness, resilience, and confidence will be their best armors to get through any challenges they’ll encounter as they grow.

Brand Manager of Tiger Biscuit from Mondelez Philippines Kristine Enriquez shares their company’s stand in this topic, saying:

“Today’s world presents many challenges that can break a child’s spirit. With inner strength, they will be able to withstand more effectively every obstacle, and thrive.”

While moms prepare their kids mentally and emotionally to face any kinds of trials, Ms. Enriquez believes their Tiger Biscuit can equip them with physical strength to face these challenges. She continued:

“Kids these days also have many activities in school and outside of school, through extra-curricular activities like sports lessons, art classes, among others. That’s why they need proper nutrition to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that come their way.”

Tiger Energy Biscuit isn’t unlike any biscuit. It is the only snack that contains 9 vitamins and 6 minerals which help provide the release of energy that children need for the day. Not only will moms love that it’s nutritious, it has a milky taste that kids will enjoy snacking on too!