November 22, 2019

Joy Bus Premier Review

I travel to Baguio at least twice a year with my family and friends by car. Over the past few years,  I've been contemplating to go to Baguio City alone via public transport for a me time to contemplate and re-focus my chakra.

Finally I am able to cross out this bucket list by riding Joy Bus Premier. What used to be a worry of an eight-hour drive holding my pee is not an issue anymore. I left Cubao around 1am and reached Baguio by 5am! The quality of the journey using a public bus has vastly improved! The trip was shortened to 4 hours with TPLEX and no stopping for snack and nature call rule of Joy Bus Premier.

My experience onboard this new bus (new to me because it's my first time) are a lot more pleasant than I imagined it to be. I like that the bus has strong free wi-fi because I got to my unfisnished articles.  This Premier Bus is a 28-seater executive coach with wide legroom, restroom, free snack and bottled water. Each seat is provided with USB ports and a personal entertainment device (more like an ipad). I super like that they provided a clean blanket to be used while onboard.

At P740 Fare, I'm highly recommending Joy Bus Premier! I just hope they can improve the restrooms at the bus station and hoping that the waiting area will soon be airconditioned for a more comfortable waiting time.

Booking online is as easy as 1-2-3- but if you plan to travel in big groups I suggest you visit them in advance in the bus station to secure enough seats for everyone.

I got too excited with this trip I was not able to record my trip from Cubao to Baguio. Anyways, I made sure to document my way back to Manila, Manila (I'm singing, lol) Cubao.

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