November 23, 2019

My First Solo Trip in Baguio

I was twenty 23  when I first sat foot in Baguio with John. Since then The City of Pine has been our go to place whenever we want to escape the noise of the metro. At 46, finally I  did my first solo trip in Baguio!

It is also my first time to ride Joy Bus Premier.  Check out my review of this public transport service.

Day 1: Left Cubao at 1am. Arrived Baguio at 5am. Just a 4 hour travel! I ate lugaw with egg and tokwa at P105 at the station. Kape at P12, Puto/kutsinta P40, Pansit at Mamitas P210. Grapes 100. Toiletries = 100, Coffee = 80

At Teacher's Camp I met Coach Benjie Navarro of Mapua, formerly from La Salle. He even gave me a DLSU shirt!

Day 2: 
Grumpy JoeSeafood Marinara 250
Grumpy Joe Special 190
Taxi to PMA 185
Taxi PMA to John Hay 150
Entrance 48 ( discounted from 75 because of renovation
Taxi from John Hay to Teachers Camp 135

Bell House is named after General J Franklin Bell, the Bell House used to be the official vacation residence of the Commanding General of the Philippines. Today, it has been transformed into a museum that exemplifies American colonial architecture. Outside is an amphitheater that also serves as a manicured garden.

Day 3
Brunch at Grandmas 480
French Baker 445
Taxi from Teachers Camp to Joy Bus Station 135

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