December 26, 2019

JOY Begins at Forty - A Thanksgiving Party

My husband wanted to throw an 18th birthday for me when I turned 36. We would have titled it Joy's Debut - 18th Years After. But then I asked him not too because all I wanted was to sleep all day.  My 37th, 38th and 39th birthday were celebrated simply with few friends. I didn't get the chance to invite all the people that I love.

For my 40th birthday, my family were supposed to travel. But again, as fate would have it, we weren't able to book early.  And again, as luck would have it, I won a twenty-nine thousand peso party package good for 50 pax at Fun Ranch last February when they held an Amazing Race among Mommy Bloggers.

Right after claiming the prize, my kids asked, "who's party are we going to use it?". Julia, Rafael and Juan insisted on their respective birthdays. Since Julia and Rafael are twins, I thought it would be unfair to Juan if we use it for his Ate and Kuya's birthdays. I always want to be fair with my children, so I joked, "we'll use this prize for my 40th birthday".  And the three musketeers all agreed nonchalantly.

It took me months before finally agreeing to have 40th birthday celebration. I wanted to invite all the people who have been a part of my life, but then again I realized, if I do that, we will be needing a bigger venue - probably Araneta Coliseum.  So just a week prior to my birthday, I decided to invite just the people  - friends and relatives alike, who helped me along the way. Those loved ones and friends who made a lasting contribution in my 40 years on earth.

John suggested I title my party, Joy Begins at 40 (in relation to Life begins at 40 saying), and as suggested by my friend Jingle, the theme is wig party.  I was very blessed that my friend, Star, took time out from her busy film and tv taping and shootings to host my party.

As appreciation, I prepared few items as giveaway, plus a mini book - a collection of my favorite quotations and stories I posted in this blog. 

We had two games, which include thread and needle. I asked my Aunts - Tita Be, Tita Charing, Tita Jo  and Tita Linda, and Uncle Tino to participate in this game. But before starting the game, I gave a few word, my thank you speech for them, as I learned a lot from them when I was young. 

Next game was condom blowing contest. Contestants are husbands and wives. Joy and Bhogz Felizardo won this game. Proof how well-coordinated their moves are (wink!wink!).

We also had pick-a-prize, using my favorite plastic toy eggs.   

Before finally calling it a night, 18 men (including boys) were called on stage. They were all clueless why they were called on stage.  I told Star, I didn't get to have a debut party because my mother was ailing that time. So, to make my BIG 40 a complete success, I did 18 Dance last July 12.  It's never too late to do just that because as my birthday party title said it, JOY BEGINS AT FORTY.

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