December 30, 2019

My Yoga Journey

Out of all the exercises I've tried for many years, I know that yoga is for me. Becoming a yogi is actually one of my bucket list but I struggled with schedules and laziness.  Yearly, every January to be exact, I'd enroll in a gym or any fitness clubs only to quit after a week or two.

This year, starting last May, was a different story. I stayed not only for weeks but still doing yoga for 7 months now! Thanks to my son Juan, Brian and all the staff  of Fitness First, all my yoga teachers and classmates and most of all my husband for pushing me to go on! Feeling ko nanalo ako ng crown. 😁

There are many branches of yoga. I can't remember it all but this is the only exercise I'm mostly happy because it helps me achieve a sense of focus in various ways.  Hindi na ako masyadong hyper because of yoga's relaxing and meditative power.

More than 90 percent of people come to yoga for flexibility, stress relief, health, and physical fitness. But, for most people, their primary reason for doing yoga will change. My truth, since I was young I wanted to be a yoga teacher but because I have not been consistent attending classes I'm back to square 1.

I like yoga  because it benefits both my mind and body. It tones my core (which is my biggest body problem), improves my focus and makes me feel happier about myself.  I can now joyfully and confidently wear a two-piece swimwear!😁

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Sharing below some of the Core Yoga I did for the last 7 months at Fitness First. If I were you, don't just watch my vlogs, come and join me and reap the benefits for your mind and body.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
 – The Bhagavad Gita

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