January 5, 2020

Benefits of Yoga for Men

I have been in and out of yoga for years. I could not stay long because I do not enjoy going out for yoga while my husband stays home. For years I have been begging him to come with me but to no avail.

After 6 months straight in yoga at Fitness First Megamall, I was about to quit again when John finally joined me for a trial yoga last November.  

To cut the long story short, he is now into yoga and more flexible than I am! 

Here are here a few great reasons men should do yoga:

1. Yoga promotes weight loss and an overall healthy lifestyle. 
2. Yoga can help improve your other workouts and prevent injury. 
3. Yoga can increase libido and improve sexual performance. 
4. Yoga helps relieve chronic lower back pain. 
5. Yoga reduces stress and helps you sleep better.

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