January 2, 2020

Mt. Batulao

I first heard about Mt. Batulao from famous mountaineer Coby Sarreal some 8 years ago. Since then John and I wanted to see this inactive volcano, located in northwest Batangas province, but didn't have time to do so. 

Finally earlier this morning, with Jonie's assistance, we were able to reached the summit of Mt. Batulao! 

We headed straight in the the jumpoff, left the car and paid P100 for the parking. We rode the tricycle for another P100. We paid 3 times for the "entrance" one is P100 per head, P30 per head and P35 per head. Along the trek there's a lugawan in case you get hungry. 

I like that the weather was cool the moment we arrived. It's that coolness felt by the visitors of Tagaytay since Batulao is very near Tagaytay. On the other hand, the strong winds make our climb kind of scary. I almost lost my cap and scarf! 

The view and landscapes of Batulao remains basically the same throughout the trek because we used the “New Trail”, which for me is really an easy climb. As what Coby said before, Batulao makes for a very good training climb for newbies. The “Old Trail” on the otherhand, they say, is more challenging. 

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