April 5, 2020

Easy 20 Minute Butt Workout

Booty exercise is my most favorite among all exercises there is out there because it reminds me of my mom. I love everything that reminds me of her because I lost Mama when she was only 43 in 1993. I was 20 at that time.

Behind, literally speaking, every exercise is a story and this is mine...I overheard Mama talking to her friends about taking care and keeping the butt firm. I could not comprehend why because I was probably only 7 years old that then. As I turn older I understood the reason "behind".

Joyfully sharing with you my favorite and easy 20 minute butt workout which I learned from Sanela Osmanovic of Psychetruth. This workout is also a good cardio workout specially for those who does not like running or jogging just like me.

"Be different, stand out, and work your butt off."
 - Reba McEntire

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