April 29, 2020

Easy Standing Exercise for Butt, Ab and Arms

The common reason moms like me use just to avoid exercising is, "I have no time or I'm too busy with house chores and other stuff ". Sad but true. I am a busy mom who us, ss First at least an hour and 30 minutes, 4 to 5 times a week.

Since the beginning of the quarantine, I make use of idle time to do my butt, leg and arm exercise. Earlier today I went out  to pay bills at the bank and do my once a week grocery.  There was a long line in both establishments so I did my Easy Standing Exercise for Butt, Ab and Arms.

I may look like a fool to some of the people, but I do not mind, kesa naman mainip ako sa kahihintay sa mahabang pila. Ika ko nga, "gamitin ng tama ang quarantine para paliitin ang mga dapat paliitin".

Salamat sa aking mga bagong nakilala sa pila, Mary June Reyes, Jessa Balderama Paniterce and Ann Almoete Llorente Bartolay.

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