May 17, 2020

Twinning with My Daughter

My daughter and I used to do twinning a lot when she was a little girl. When she turned 11, I was shocked when she asked, "Mom, do we need to wear the same clothes all the time?"

That's when it hit me that my little love is fast becoming a lady.

Lat November, Julia told me she wanted to see what's in Taytay, Rizal. She heard from her friends that there are plenty of bargain clothes there. John, Rafael and I accompanied Julia and she was able to buy a lot! 

One of them, these floral top at P150 and the white shorts at P80. I was again shocked, this time because she agreed to go twinning with me...with the condition we are not going to the Clubhouse wearing the same outfit. Hanggang sa Villa lang daw ng Tagaytay Highlands.😀

Our old twinning photos...

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