July 10, 2020

Butterfly Pea Flower

Modesty aside, I used to have many suitors when I was young. Most of them will give flowers and chocolates while courting me. I appreciate flowers a lot but given a choice between receiving flowers or fruits as a gift, I'd choose the latter. This is maybe because I am very practical person or matakaw lang talaga ako.😆

If you see in my garden I only have 3 kinds of flowers, and the one that I love the most is the Butterfly Pea Flower because it can be eaten. I like putting it in any salads. It is best when as tea because it have been used to treat general pain, reduce inflammation, help with common eye issues like conjunctivitis, fight against certain types of cancers, induce brain health, and “increase vitality.” It is also a good natural food colouring agent, plus it is very easy to grow.

If you want to learn about growing your own Butterfly Pea Flower, join Lorenzo's Sanctuary for an online Grow Food with Love Zoom class either July 18 or 25 plus 2 private sessions per student. Class Fee is only PhP 600 inclusive of grow kit and materials.

In this class you will learn to do potting mix, natural fertilizer and simple foods from your harvest. 20% of your fee goes to @abotph  #Pahalagahan project which gives healthy packs and grow kits to families in Sampaloc Manila.

Registration ends July 15 for the first batch and July 22 for the 2nd batch.  Register thru: https://forms.gle/DoCK947iNiAsiTo79 

I would like to extend my gratitude to Lorenzo's Sanctuary for this Butterfly Pea Flower.💓

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