July 21, 2020

Dr. Zen's IonAir Wearable Air Purifier

A week has passed since I celebrated my 47th Birthday, yet another gift arrived in a form of quite a small box.

What is it? It is Dr. Zen's IonAir Wearable Air Purifier, the latest portable necklace air purifier and negative ion generator. It weighs only 26g so you can wear it everywhere and have clean air wherever you go. This lightweight product is good for up to 8 hours usage and it comes with 2 colors - white and black. I got mine in white which I like a lot! I can now enjoy clean air, anytime and anywhere with IonAir.

This product is best for Family, Health Practitioners, Frontliners, Senior Citizens , Sports and Health 
Enthusiasts , Travel and Leisure Lovers, Children and Teenagers,  Pet lovers, for office use per employee. In short, Dr. Zen's IonAir Wearable Air Purifier is good for everyone.


When IonAir starts emitting negative ions, it will constantly remove the pollutants away from the breathing zone. it's an anion, and the anion that's released is going to combine with the dust in the air, and it's going to release 5 million per centimeter cubed. When the indication light turns green in the device, it means it's cleaning the air and purifies many harmful substances in the air.


➢ Ultra-Quiet and light-weight Design  
➢ Long Battery life - 1hour charging/ 8 hours usage 
➢ Hassle free maintenance - No filter replacement needed


• Kills viruses and bacteria 
• Increases immunity 
• Improves breathing 
• Reduces stress 
• Lowers Blood pressure 
• Regulates sleep patterns and mood 


• Wear as a necklace 
• Put in on your work table or bedside 
• Hang around your pets’ tags 
• Attach it on baby strollers or side bags

To know more about Dr. Zen's IonAir Wearable Air Purifier, 
you may visit their Facebook Page: IonAir Purifier 
and Instagram: IonAirPH

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